Executive Instruction for Improving BOOM’s Implementation Quality Communicated to Provinces

"The Executive Instruction of Transformation Package: Improving BOOM’s Implementation Quality" was communicated to the provincial departments of Ministry of Education. The instruction has been signed by Deputy of Minister of Education and Head of Organization for Educational Research and Planning (OERP), Dr. Hassan Maleki.

Being developed by The Boom Governing Council in 8 paragraphs, the circular’s full text is as follows:


In order to implement solution 5-5 in Transformation Plan and paragraph 2-13 of the Iranian National Curriculum as well as the approval of Meeting No. 926 of February 29, 2016 of Supreme Council of Education, Special School Program (BOOM) Method of No. 126470 of September 18, 2018 was notified to provinces.

Due to the method’s significance and simultaneously the absence of its implementation quality, a transformation package titled "Improving BOOM’s Implementation Quality” has been approved by Governance Council of Transformation Plan at Ministry of Education and was notified to Organization for Educational Research and Planning for implementation by letter No. 45600 of June 27, 2020. As a consequence, the following pillars are underlined for the qualified implementation of this package:

1-One of BOOM’s requirements is to develop principals’ and teachers’ competence in formulating and performing curriculum planning at the school level. Due to this issue’s significance, one of the crucial elements of this transformation package is to empower principals and teachers. How this is accomplished will be communicated via Deputy for Planning and Resource Development.

2- Given the importance of the role of parents-teachers associations in carrying out BOOM, one of the pillars specified in this transformation package is the role played by the so-called associations in provinces, an issue to be notified by Parents-Teachers Association at Ministry of Education.

3- BOOM ought to be designed and performed with the partaking of relevant and effective parties, specifically local institutions. To meet this expectation, utilizing the potentiality of educational departments in provinces and cities to make the required coordination with local organizations and institutions is one of the crucial elements in the present transformation package, an issue that will be taken account this year.

4- This year, an important program is to evaluate the BOOM implementation quality in schools. To this end, the schools in charge will be assessed based on the criteria posed in the transformation package. Top schools will be introduced to the secretariat of BOOM Project situated in Organization for Educational Research and Planning for quality re-evaluation so that some appreciation festivals at provincial level as ell as by the secretariat can be set up.

5- One of the ambiguities in performing the BOOM program is how to allocate the implementation time in schools. This issue is OERP’s agenda, thus, comprehensively studying the education and learning domains as well as curriculums, it will made certain decisions for all levels.

6- One of the questions normally faced by principals is how to enjoy paragraph 6-6 of BOOM Project. Based on the arrangements made, schools are allowed to act according to paragraph 6-6 and employing human resources in schools to implement the BOOM plan will obviously be possible based on the relevant laws and regulations.­­­­

7- According to Circular No. 138/140 of June 14, 2020, programs and activities ought to be designed and performed based on the approved goals set up for educational levels. So, to carry out this approval, schools’ implementation criterion in paragraph 1-4 should be the approved purposes designed for the educational levels in six domains.

8- In order to integrate and direct BOOM Project, a board of directors was set up under the charge of OERP. Here, the members are the deputies of Minister of Education so that the whole parts of the project can nicely be implemented.

Given the significance of a coherent and integrated leadership, the responsibility for the BOOM plan in provinces will rest with director generals and in sub-regions, presidents will be in charge so that necessary decisions can be made and performed.

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