Roshd Network: A Diamond Method for Education and Interaction between Students, Teachers and Families

Roshd Network is a diamond method for education as well as interaction between students, teachers and families.

According to Public Relations and International Affairs Office at Organization for Educational Research and Planning (OERP), the National Network of Iranian Schools (Roshd Network) is regarded as one of the most crucial transformational tools for educating which has taken many years to reach the present level.

In order to further introduce the network, a news file has been published by OERP, some parts of which is as follows:

Today, educational systems face common and, at the same time, different challenges in the modernizing process of education. Nations’ experiences indicate that employing varied technologies in education provides powerful tools to augment the ability to permanently improve education, to develop the learning opportunities, to increase the teaching staff efficiency, to improve the learning quality, to expand equal access to education, to improve the management systems and programs, to provide the continuous learning background, and, finally, to provide virtual training and lifelong learning.  

In order to modernize education, a rich curriculum, flexible education, efficient teaching, a motivating training environment, proficient teachers, professional schools and other factors are required.

With the appearance of technical infrastructure across Iran including people’s large access to telephones and computers, to provide a certain content that can guide its audience toward a desired purpose sounds necessary and providing required materials for each level, Roshd Network attempts to do so.

The contents of this network have been divided into four types of educational videos, audio files, interactive contents and the Roshd Magazines contents.

Educational films are for teachers and students; audio files contain religious, Persian, Arabic and English lessons. Interactive content includes tests, experiments, repetitions and exercises, and, lastly, the Roshd Magazines content contain stories and poems appropriate to each stage and lesson. Students can receive these materials and use them in their spare time.

Using new technologies such as the Internet and cyberspace, Roshd Network is like an educational package that aids the Iranian educational system to strengthen, complete and deepen all educational programs and school-related activities.

It will move in line with the objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to achieve the educational goals of the Ministry of Education. These purposes include developing a national curriculum and moving toward the realization of educational justice.

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