Students must be educated according to the needs of the country

Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi:

Students must be educated according to the needs of the country / Maintaining and preserving the system depends on educating a good generation

Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi said that what keeps the preservation of the Islamic System and the Revolution is the presence of young people with rael religious beliefs. The Islamic System depends on educating a revolutionary and generous generation.

 Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, today, during a meeting with the Minister of Education and some of his deputies said that the personality of man is a triangle that it's sides are home, school and community; and each of these sides have their own effects, but the schoolshapes the character of the students. The influence of school on students is far more than the influence that the university has on students, because students are in the age that easily makes them shaped. So if teachers, books and planning  are good, then good students are brought up in the society; while if these three factors are not good and positive then the outcome is reverse and the problems of the society will become more.

He added that the education system must render a better information system. With an appropriate informative system the society can turn into a society with less problems.

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi  pointed out that education system should pay particular attention to the value of information and the needs of the community. As an example when a factory produces a good product, when it comes to the market, it does not have customer; this is also true in educating students. So if students are brought up without educational programs and community needs, when they enter the community, their education will be unusable to the community;  but if they are thought according to the needs of the community, then the outcome is success.

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi said to the Minister of Education: "Experience has shown that Iranians are intelligent people, so today this opportunity is in the hands of education to discipline students accruing to the Quranic and Islamic sciences and education."

He referred to the publication of Shiite congressional books and its role on the Shi'a development and expansion of Islamic sciences and said that a meeting will be held by Muslim scholars of the Islamic world; it is interesting to know that many of these scientists are Iranians.


Regarding the threats of cyberspace he said: " Cyberspace is both an opportunity and a threat, some say, but it's clear that the use of this space damages our society in some ways. We need to be self-sufficient in the field of cyberspace and social networks; we need to be able to provide a safe, clean and affordable space for users to get rid of at least of these serious problems. When low-cost and bandwidth-friendly Internet is provided to users, many people are isolated from the Western platform and are engaged in native cyberspace."

At the end of his speech, he said that today the Islamic Republic of Iran has the first and last say in the region.

The secret of the success of the Islamic system depends on bringing up a believer and a revolutionary generation.

He made a reference to the 2030 Document and said that there are reports that this document is being executed in some places. We have to say that the implementation of this document keeps the students away  from religion and beliefs, so we should have further research and monitoring to be done in this issue.

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