4 Countries to Attend Hamadani Int’l Conference

Safiyullah Safayi told IQNA that 10 researchers from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and India will present paper at the international scholarly event.
He said it will be the first time the conference is held at the international level.
Noting that there are some 110 books and treatises attributed to the great scholar, Safayi said the conference aims to introduce the Islamic character of Hamadani and discuss his political, social, ethical, and religious views.
He went on to say a book on the life and works of the Muslim scholar is also planned to be published.
The conference is slated to be held in Hamedan, west of Iran, on September 30-October 1.
Mir Seyyed Ali Hamadani was born in 1314 in Hamadan and died in 1384 in Kunar, now Afghanistan.
He was a scholar, poet, and Aref (mystic). Hamadani was very influential in spreading Islam in Kashmir.

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