ABA Project: Creating Equal Opportunities for students in rural areas

The Organization of Non-Governmental Schools and Centers and the Development of Public Participation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Abrar Charitable Society to implement a curriculum for students who have dropped out of school through e-learning distance learning.

Mojtaba Zeyni-Vand, the head of the organization said that the plan called “the Reconciliation with Education” or ABA is a good platform for creating equal educational opportunities.

Iran to Hold First Online Exhibitions of Educational Publishers

The online exhibition, which is organized and planned by the Cultural Association of Educational Publishers, will be held in two phases and for two groups.

The first phase is that publishers sell their books in one website at certain time and in the second phase, the publishers are presenting and selling their books in a certain website under different circumstances.

In the first phase, book sales happen on publishers' own sites at the same time; they will determine the circumstances. According to the news, it will start on July 5th.

Students Abroad to Join Shaad Network

The head of the Center for International Affairs and Schools Abroad, said that from the end of July, students from all schools abroad will join the Shad Network. adding that the infrastructure for this purpose has been set.


Gholamreza Karimi told reporters that the schools for next school year will begin in some countries in September, including the UAE and other Arab countries others will open in mid-September. “Currently we don’t know what will happen to the education in future, maybe it will be held online or partly-online;” he added.

How to Improve Education for Special Needs Children in Lockdown

A member of the faculty of the Research Institute for Special Needs Children emphasized that the programs of the organization should be reviewed.

“After the Islamic Revolution, good achievements have been made in the field of education of special needs children, but we have not progressed as much as we should, which goes back to two factors: the lack of experts and neglecting these children.”

National Scholastic Festival of Ibn Sina to Be Hold Online

The scientific secretary of the fifth National Scholastic Festival of Ibn Sina said that the festival will be held online and will start on August 1st.

Stating that the festival will be held for a week from 11 to 17 August this year, Mehdi Rashidi Jahan added: “students from all over the country will present their achievements online; they can take the virtual exams of this festival themselves.”

New School Year to Start with Improved Version of Shaad Network; official

Adviser to the Minister of Education and the manager of Shaad network pointed out that in order to address the concerns of students’ access to the Shaad network, “a combination of educational options” is on the agenda from October.


“Face-to-face training, educational packages, Shaad network and the TV schools are all presented together; and each of them have a certain share of our new plan” he added.


Iran’s Schools to Open Early September; Rouhani

Speaking at a meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus on Saturday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said that the end of coronavirus is not yet clear and that we must prepare ourselves for a long-term fight against the virus.


"According to scientists and health professionals, we can't predict a specific time for the end of the disease," he said, adding, “The behavior of this virus is changing and it does not have a fixed behavior, and based on what researchers say, the virus won't go away on its own, so we have to prepare ourselves for a long-term fight against it”.

Maleki Lays out Plans for Next School Year

Dr. Hassan Maleki, the head of organization for Educational Planning and Research, told journalist in his first press conference that the OERP is focused on providing learning packages rather than textbooks.

“Learning package refers to a set of educational materials and multimedia tools in a particular course that is designed and developed based on specific learning objectives. Usually the learning package contains textbooks, the student workbook, the teacher's guide, the educational videos and other related materials.

President Appoints Members of the Council for OERP

In separate letters, President Hassan Rouhani appointed six members of the Council for Organization for Educational Research and Planning.

According to these letters, Hojatoleslam Dr. Seyyed Saeid Ameli, Dr. Gholamali Haddad Adel, Dr. Fakhreddin Danesh Ashtiani, Dr. Mahmoud Mehr Mohammadi, Dr. Ali Zarafshan and Dr. Rezvan Hakimzadeh were appointed as new members of the Council for Organization for Educational Research and Planning.

Hassan Rouhani's letters of appointment read:


In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Education Ministry Ordered to Be Prepared for Operating in Future Outbreaks

Saying that Corona Virus is not over yet and we have to be ready to tackle this disease in the future, President Hassan Rouhani told the Minister of Education in a telephone conversation that the Education Ministry should be prepared to continue educational programs in the case of another outbreak nest year.

President Rouhani appreciated teachers and Education Ministry’s staff, who managed to continue educations through Corona outbreak and helping that the slogan of “schools are closed but education goes on” come true.

New Head of OERP Outlined His Priorities

The new head of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning emphasized that employing that national documents is his main motivation to accept this responsibility.

At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning, Dr. Hassan Maleki, who is recently appointed as the deputy of the Education Minister, appreciated former head of the organization for his efforts.

“I am here to serve the country; anyone who takes responsibility should try to achieve the goals for the education and training.”

New Educational Programs Unveiled

In the meeting between Vice President Jahangiri and deputies of the Ministry of Education, the ministry plan for the new Persian year was unveiled, the plan is based on the “Fundamental Evolution Guidelines” of the Sixth Development Plan.

After the six sub categories of the 1404 Evolution Guidelines were approved in the Higher Education Council and signed by the President, they were employed by Ministry of Education to write the new plans.

Teacher Ranking System Amended, Approved

Ali Rabiee, the government spokesman announced that the regulations for the teacher ranking system has been amended and approved by the government.

He tweeted that "Today, with the efforts of the Minister of Education, the regulations for the teacher ranking system have been properly amended, restored and approved by the government. The new rulings will be issued from the beginning of Iranian New Year, and the thus changes in teacher salaries will be applied according to the new ranking system.”

Primary Education Department Explores Expectations, Needs

Attending the Organization for Educational Research and Planning, the Deputy of the Ministry of Education expressed her views, expectations and issues regarding the curriculum in the fields of education and learning.

Dr. Rezvan Hakimzadeh, the deputy of Primary Education, spoke about the Quranic schools and education and its characteristics, as well as the dignity of students. Then she explored their programs and efforts, including:

-  Eliminating of tests and testing in elementary school,

- Prohibiting of the use of educational aid books in schools

Details of Schools Reopening Explained by Education Minister

The Minister of Education said that the presence of all students in schools from next week is allowed but masks and gloves and observing social distances are mandatory.

"Schools will be disinfected until Saturday and students who have no questions or problems with online or TV education, are not required to attend schools. However, teachers are required to be present at schools. Preschoolers and exceptional students are not allowed to attend schools because they are vulnerable to the coronavirus." Mohsen HajiMirzaei told IRIB.

‘Shad' Welcomed by Islamic Countries: HajiMirzaei

In a meeting with some of the newly elected MPs of the 11th parliament of the Islamic republic of Iran, Dr. Mohsen HajiMirzaei, the Minister of Education, stated that our goal is to improve the status of education, adding that the Islamic countries have welcomed the Shad app at the ISESCO summit.

He congratulated the elected members and said: I hope the next parliament take steps towards the progress of the country and fulfilling the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and the guidelines of the Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Online Persian language teaching course welcomed by 15 countries

Participants from 15 countries welcomed the online Persian language teaching course.


Sa'di Foundation's Deputy Head for Training and Research, Reza Morad Sahraei told reporters that Participants from 15 countries welcomed the online Persian language teaching course.


“Registration for the virtual course began on March 16 and has been welcomed by fans in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Japan, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon, India, Argentina, Egypt and Armenia,” he added.


Maleki Appointed as New Head of OERP

Iran's Minister of Education appointed Dr. Hassan Maleki as the new head of Organization for Educational Research and Planning.

In a ceremony held in Tehran on Saturday, Mohsen Haji Mirzaei, the Iran's Minister of Education, appointed Dr. Hassan Maleki as his new executive advisor and the head of Organization for Educational Research and Planning.

Hassan Maleki is a faculty member of the well-known Allameh Tabatabai University, who previously served as the deputy of OERP.