Movie must be understood as an important educational and learning affair

Deputy Minister and Head of Educational Research and Planning Organization stated that we should understand cinema as an important educational and learning affair and emphasized: "During this period of Roshd Film Festival, conditions were provided for students to play the film and after the festival this method will continue." According to the public relations and international affairs report of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning, Hojjatul Islam wal Muslimin, Dr. Ali Latifi, at the conclusion of the 52nd International Festival of Scientific, Educational and Educational Films of Roshd, which was held this evening, Sunday, December 4, at the Palestinian Movie House and Cultural Complex, said: " One of the characteristics of the contemporary world is the prominence of art, especially the art of image and film, and the new age should be called the age of images. If we want to look at the issue from the perspective of education, diversifying educational opportunities, using various tools and opportunities is one of the most important strategies to stabilize and deepen education." The head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization continued: "The intersection of these two points leads to an obvious understanding for education. If we want to think about lofty goals in the field of raising our children, we must use art, image art, film and cinema." Roshd Festival is a good opportunity to create educational conditions Hojjatul-Islam Wal-Muslimeen Latifi said that the Roshd Festival is a suitable opportunity to create educational conditions and said: "scientific and educational film is a valuable capacity, neglected in the cinema and education society. If we are looking for good events and the realization of lofty goals in the education system so that our children live in a much more suitable situation, one of the shortcuts is to use artistic capacities. To activate this capacity, we need the support of all relevant institutions and organizations." Taking advantage of the capacity of the game film during this festival period The Deputy Minister of Education stated that Roshd Festival is not a festival where only a series of films are screened, and stated: "We have the honor of hosting students who do not just watch a movie, but get involved with the movie that is screened and live with that movie. In this course, a capacity was provided for the students to play the film and, God willing, we will continue this method after the festival to provide conditions for the students to communicate with what is happening in the film." The head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization pointed out that the transformation of a film into a play was one of the innovations of this period of Roshd Film Festival, and reminded: "the experience of playing a film and combining a film with trinity activities is a pleasant experience for all those who are concerned about education. I request them to come forward in this matter and accompany us. Another innovation was that we tried to transform the festival from a point phenomenon to a culminating point for a process. Today we are celebrating the end of this period of the festival and we are doing our activity to start the process of the 53rd festival." At the closing ceremony of the 52nd International Rushd Film Festival, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Kazemi, Vice President of Secondary Education, Dr. Asghar Bagherzadeh, Vice President of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Dr. Qasim Ahmadi Lashki, Legal Vice President, Mrs. Dr. Zahra Panahi Reva, Director General of Witness and Volunteer Affairs of the Ministry of Education, a number of artists, films Producers, students, families and people from cinema industry and education were also present.

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