Curriculum is threatened by those who are more Catholic than the Pope

"In the education system, undoubtedly, one of the most important pillars is the curriculum, although in spite of all the efforts, the textbooks still include a major part of the curriculum, and we are still far from complete replacement of the curriculum," Bathayi said at a ceremony.

We will not allow profiteers to take advantage of the spirit of the students

The thirteenth congratulatory ceremony of the authors and creators of materials and educational media, in the memorial of Martyr Mohsen Hajji, was held today in the Garden of the Holy Defense Museum with the presence of the Minister of Education and a number of ministry officials.

Promotion of academic status of Iranian universities in World

The 60 percent increase in universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in universities ranking, based on the latest results announced by the ranking system of universities and higher education institutions of Times of 2019, suggests promotion of the academic status of Iranian universities in international and global arenas.