The paintings of Iranian Children appreciated in Belarus international competition titled “Motherland”

7 Iranian children and teenagers could gain badge and diploma of honor from 13th international competition of art and graphics titled “Motherland” in Belarus. 56 other students also gained the diploma of honor from this artistic event.

Seyed Javad Hosseini appointed as the acting head of the Ministry of Education

Ali Rabiei the government’s spokesman said: after the resignation of Mohammad Bathayi(former Minister of Education), different persons were nominated to serve as the Minister of Education. Finally, president Rouhani appointed Seyed Javad Hosseini as the acting head of the Ministry of Education.

The education and pedagogy system should not classify children in the public education

Mohammad Bathayi the Minister of Education has said: taking the experiences of different countries into account, the classification of schools is one of the one of the most important damages to education and pedagogy system which this challenge should be solved.

Fundamental Reform Document of Education (FRDE) is the common ground of all components of the education system

Reza Madadi the advisor to the Minister of Education has said: Fundamental Reform Document of Education (FRDE) is a roadmap for the education system. He added: FRDE is the legal version of Islamic and Iranian style of education and pedagogy.

Turning different methods of schools’ management into a network for exchanging of educational experiences: the Minister of Education says

The 1st National Conference on “Successful Experiences of Schools” will be held jointly by the Ministry of Education and Shahid Rajayi University. Bathayi added: since last year, we have defined programs for change and improvement of schools’ position. In this regard, we initiated programs to increase the capabilities of schools’ principals.  

We should help to the country’s progress and development of human resources through updating the education system: Bathayi says

Mohammad Bathayi the Minister of Education has said: policies like school-centrism, Game and Learning Plan, and removing tests for elementary education, are backed by the views of education experts. He added: human development in the education system leads to the country’s progress.