Knowing the audience flow is very important in the production of magazines

The meeting of unveiling of the development documents of magazines was held in the presence of the head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization this morning, Sunday, August 1st.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, at the beginning of the meeting, Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi, Director General of the Office of Publications and Educational Technology, presented a report on the conditions of magazines and said: By next year, the Magazine will also be presented to audience by visual and audio ways. Of course, we do not claim that all aspects of this action have been fully implemented, but we will do our best to be able to present a proper form of work in this period.
He added: Obviously, if magazines are to be sustainable, we must accept the changes in today's world, so action has begun in the technology sector because today we live in the electronic world and our magazines must be able to compete.

31 websites for magazines

The Director General of Publishing and Educational Technology stated: In this regard, we will have 31 websites for magazines, so that all magazines can be visited by the audience. Based on the number of magazines, the website is designed to preserve the archives of these sections.
Mohammadi continued: Nearly 80,000 visits are made to these sites daily. We have also tried to republish past contents in magazines as a solid and reference medium. In this regard, we retrieved and republished the conversations and articles in magazines, and last year we had nearly 70 reprints in the Madrese's publishing cycle. During this period, we also tried to develop knowledge and skills development systematically and in accordance with the needs.

In this section, the evolutionary documents of magazines were unveiled in the presence of Dr. Hassan Maleki, Head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization.

Buying magazines online

Manli Nouraei, in charge of the website of the publishing office, presented a report on the work process of the magazines website and said: "In this website, there are four ways for users to buy and receive magazines online, which will be available by the next year." We have also provided the possibility of purchasing PDF files for users so that they can download magazines quickly and easily.
Nouraie further explained all the sections of website and how they work and said: the section of submitting articles on the website in the form of audience recognition is very important in the production of magazines. Therefore, users can publish the content they like in the magazines they want by sending it to us and have a direct link with us.
Development of the strategic document of magazines

Dr. Hosseini then presented a report on the strategic document of magazines and stated: The strategic plan of magazines is in fact a request that was communicated to the office based on the upstream documents by the esteemed head of the organization. In this regard, and to develop the plan, we studied all aspects of strategic plans. Therefore, in this regard, 7 upstream documents such as the policies of the Supreme Leader, the transformation document of the curriculum system, the curriculum guide, the sixth curriculum, etc. were examined and the work was carried out based on that.
He continued: "In this direction, we also identified the beneficiaries and what expectations and criteria exist in this regard." This was done in three groups and in the next step we explained the vision. This vision was devoted to the status of post-Corona magazines, on the basis of which missions, goals and principles were determined.
Hosseini added: "In the next stage, we tried to take executive steps, so we allocated priorities to strategic issues and in this regard, we examined the current situation."
Shahablue, Magazine Production Deputy, also referred to the measures taken in this office and said: "Our colleagues in the Educational Publishing Office in the Iranian year of1400 intend to recreate 30 books from magazines, of which ten volumes have been done so far."

Recreating the content of Roshd magazines

Dr. Shahmohammadi also explained the re-creation of magazine content in this part of the meeting and said: "In 1992, it was decided to review the content of magazines, including articles and discussions that can be re-created and published in the form of a book." This was done in order to organize reusable materials for teachers and students in the form of a readable book.
He added: "The main goal was to find useful works in general and specialized journals so that we could recreate these valuable materials that can help students' skills and also grow the teaching profession." In this regard, general and specialized journals were categorized and each council member, editors and managers were categorized. This allowed content that was new over time and could be new to the audience and be reusable to be identified and republished. Because these works can be very helpful along with the textbook, especially in the days of Corona. The number of these books is about 30 that are in the process of being worked on.

Putting fast response codes in Roshd magazines
Shahabloo, Roshd Magazine's Vice President for Production, pointed out the quick response codes and said: "Quick response codes are among the thing that are followed in Roshd magazines and its initial level, i.e. podcasts, has reached the production stage. The level of film production, podcasts and reading text, worked on and students in different categories, can benefit from this added content because this section, in addition to increasing motivation, is in line with the developments expected from a publication at the onset of Corona disease.
He added: "The Child Roshd magazine and its first publication, which was launched in 1400, was unveiled today, and God willing, other magazines will be adorned in all categories after preparing for these codes." Due to our special sensitivity, our work has special and hidden philosophical, psychological dimensions, so every step that is taken leads to visible and invisible psychological effects. On this basis, there are special sensitivities in this section, which we have also put emphasis on them.

Roshd magazines are on the right track
In this section, Dr. Hassan Maleki, Deputy Minister and Head of the Research and Planning Organization, while expressing gratitude and appreciation for the activities carried out in this section, said: I thank God that Roshd magazines are growing and excelling and move according to their important names . It is true that we list many topics in life, but sometimes there is no correspondence between the name and the title, but in scientific matters, this section should be considered, so when we say Roshd magazines; We have to see growth because in this case, a violation of purpose is formed and no one accepts this section wisely, so I am very happy with the growth of these magazines and I congratulate my colleagues for that. Of course, this does not mean that our magazines have reached the desired level, but it is on the way to achieving this ideal.
He added: "It is important that we are on the pafh and this is not just for Roshd magazines and it covers all matters of life, because whoever is on the path, sooner or later will reach his destination. In fact, the main problems start where man is not on the path, which is why in our religious thought there is a straight line. Therefore, the believer should try to be on the right path, because then he will reach his destination, and this is a general rule in life. I hope that Roshd magazines will become “Great” Magazines at some point. Of course, I do not mean changing the name, but I mean that in terms of meaning and content, the work will grow enough to reach the stage of being great, because great is one of the most meaningful words in the Quran. It is "balanced groth". Therefore, I hope that one day we will reach this stage in Roshd magazines.
"These reports are very promising," he said, referring to the reports. The strategic plans of Roshd magazines were one of my first requests, so I am very happy that this has been done by the thinkers present in this office. In these offices, there are many knowledgeable and insightful experts, so by relying on these people, we can move forward.
The Deputy Minister of Education stated: "The strategic plan means that our Roshd magazines should not be caught in the daily grind and remain in the prison of the present, because then death will take shape. Of course, this rule is true for everything." God Almighty did not create man to be a prisoner of the present, but moving towards the future and ideals is one of man's needs, and the plan to move towards the future is a plan. Obviously, we do things well with normal plans, but with a strategic plan we move towards the desired future, and this is a prominent feature of a strategic plan. I hope that this year we can take clearer steps with a strategic plan for the future. Dr. Maleki stressed the need for Roshd magazines to pay attention to different dimensions and said: "It is gratifying that Roshd magazines have become a three-dimensional epistemological possibility." The reading, visual and audio aspects of these magazines are very good and excellent, and I hope that they will spread to all magazines. This means serving all aspects of human beings, because we all have ears, tongues and eyes, and the best coach and institution is the one that can use all these possibilities. I wish the day would come when everyone who gets a Roshd magazine would be heart captivating, because the magazine should be heart-wrenching.

He continued: "Today, the global arrogance and the enemies of Iran, Islam and our system are successful in some of their cultural productions, because they use the tools and means in a desirable way, so with equipping Roshd magazines with three aspects of reading and visual and audio is a great work, but I urge you to do it and spread it to all the magazines. In addition to this section, it is necessary to focus on quick response codes. Of course, all we try to do for the coming school year is to have all of our books equipped with this section, which is a big event and is happening. In fact, this part means the seemingly invisible but visible technological possibility. Because in many cases we can not fill the place of technological possibilities only with spiritual issues, so we must make good use of these possibilities, because today's world depends on technology and communication. Of course, it is important that we are on the right path and move in our own way. Today's power in ordinary equations is information and communication technology, and we have to accept that and move on to what is in our textbooks and Roshd magazines.

The elixir of management is pursuit
The head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization expressed his satisfaction with the growth of Roshd websites and said: "The site is a technological language and an organization should not be mute, so these websites are to be thanked. Of course, we need to follow up in this direction." It is pursuit, so if there is no continuity and follow-up, good deeds will be buried soon, so if you want good deeds to be dynamic and lasting, we must have continuity, as there are many exemplary works that are buried due to lack of pursuit. It is obvious that growth in work is the result of continuous pursuit and planning. A resourceful person means one who pursues work and does not give it up.
He referred to the Holy Quran and said: "We in the Quranic culture, we see this meaning in different ways." The Holy Qur'an states: God does not change the status of any nation unless that nation itself changes its status. It is clear that in this verse, God states that, we should not wait for help until we change ourselves. This change means a change in attitudes, desires, inclinations, etc., because if a person is a servant of the ego, it is not possible for him to do great work, so his first step of transformation begins with himself. In this way, authority is in the hands of man, that is, the individual can move towards improvement or corruption through his management and the administration of reason. "As the intellect governs us, we must govern it," said the head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization. Every sin that befalls man strikes an arrow on the body of reason, so we must be careful of these things. To change ourselves, we should not procrastinate only with material factors, but the spiritual factor is also effective in this direction. That is, if we move, God will move towards us. Our view of change is similar.
Maleki pointed to the need to pay attention to different dimensions in the implementation of Roshd magazines and said: Roshd magazines have several dimensions and aspects, so each section must be addressed and managed appropriately. In this regard, it is a doctrinal dimension that means the difference between religious and spiritual symbols in this section, so with the magazines of our country, which is an Islamic country, should be different from other countries. In this way, it is necessary to think carefully to understand how we can logically and not on the basis of extremism, put religious and spiritual symbols in our magazines so that our magazines introduce the history of our country. Of course, this does not mean that we should move away from professional and scientific journals from its main dimension, but I mean to think about this dimension.
He added: "We have some specialized Roshd magazines that have a completely scientific basis, so we have to think about what change means here?" In my opinion, transformation means that at least in these journals, we do not use unreliable and outdated scientific materials, so the editorial board should be good and strong people. The third aspect of this section is also educational, because basically our magazines are first and foremost educational, that is, they are published in order to educate their specific audiences, so it is necessary to have a special emphasis on this dimension. In this regard, those who work in these magazines must have full mastery of educational principles. In this way, the type of content, arrangement and organization of journals should be based on educational background.

Roshd magazines act as an epistemological, scientific and educational charter

The Deputy Minister of Education continued: "Roshd magazines are adjectives of the charter, that is, just as the charter is multifaceted, our Roshd magazines also act as epistemological, scientific and educational charters. Of course, in this direction, we should not forget the artistic dimension. The more beautiful the message, the sooner it will capture the heart, because man is aesthete. One of the works of religion is that it directs our innate tendencies, and one of them is the sense of human aesthetics, which is a double-edged sword and can lead man to decline or vice versa to growth if left unattended. Surah Yusuf is a lesson in managing the human aesthetic sense, so we must be very careful in this direction.
"The other side of Roshd magazines has to be audience studies, so we have to see how much we have done in this area," Maliki said. For example, to what extent does the teacher Roshd magazines relate to this group so that it can understand their concerns? Accordingly, it is necessary to have an audience flow in this direction and to use the existing works in this direction. We must also be familiar with and use the research that has been done.
He emphasized: "Another point is the promotional dimension of magazines, because everything needs to be introduced and promoted, as many good works remain strange due to lack of dissemination, and vice versa, some works that are not good are seen due to their promotion." We must think hard in this direction so that the families of students in all provinces know these magazines and these works should be available to all Iranian homes. The last dimension is evaluation in the sense that we need to know where we stand today and what our position is, because a proper evaluation will lead us to more accurate planning.
The head of the Research and Planning Organization expressed satisfaction with the work process in the office of Roshd Magazines and said: "Ethics gives human beings dignity, honor and greatness." In fact, ethics is the jewel of transformation, and fortunately, the offices of Roshd magazines are adorned with such ornaments in this way, and this is gratifying.
In the final part of the meeting, the editors of various Roshd magazines expressed their views and opinions.

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