OERP Festivals are golden opportunities

The Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Educational Research and Planning Organization called the holding of various Roshd festivals in this organization a golden opportunity in the fields of culture, science and education.

 According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, Dr. Hassan Maleki said at the closing ceremony of the 11th Roshd Photo Festival: "The festivals held in the Research Organization are in fact golden cultural, scientific and educational opportunities. They open a new horizon for us and provide freshness, motivation and desire to continue the scientific, educational and cultural activities of the experts of the research organization. In fact, we can name these four festivals as the square of excellence and progress, each of which in one way causes the excellence of the organization."
 He added: "Roshd Photo Festival has a promotional dimension, because it spreads ideas through art that is not comparable to any other art." As you know, a photo can promote and excel, so Roshd Photo Festival has an educational dimension because it allows a number of young photographers to enter the field and through the presentation of their art, to show their abilities and excel.
 The head of the Research and Planning Organization stated: The photo festival also has a historical growth dimension, because with good photos, history can be preserved. To prove this claim, it is enough to pay attention to the photographers and photographs taken from the period of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the moments of the victory of the revolution, martyrdoms and revolutionaries, you will see that these photographs are messages of courage, struggle and martyrdom.
 This year's festival was more prosperous
 Dr. Maleki called the photo a strong medium and said: "The photo is a medium of communication and there is an inherent relationship between the photo and the media because each photo conveys a message that can be weak or strong, so we must seek to grow in this area." And if the festival of the twelfth period is not stronger and richer, there is no justification for holding it. Of course, fortunately this year our festival will be more prosperous in terms of quantity and quality, but it is necessary to pay attention to various points in order to improve this important event.
 Photo can be a coach
 He continued: "One of the dimensions of photo is photography and ideals, that is, we can express the ideals of this society and the Islamic system through photographs." The second aspect is photos and facts because many facts are sometimes neglected and not seen properly. In fact, human beings do not see many realities as bitter or sweet in their daily lives, so these facts can be portrayed through photographs.
 The Deputy Minister of Education added: "Photography and education have a direct relationship, so we must choose photos that can relay to be an instructor." Sometimes a photo can wake a person, while a photo must have an artistic and beauty dimension too, because if a photo pays attention to an important fact but lacks beauty and art, it can not be noticed by the audience, so beauty is a very important element.
 Dr. Maleki emphasized the need to pay attention to history in photography and said: "Photography and historical necessities are another dimension because photography can have the function of depicting many historical facts." The photograph preserves the facts and, indeed we must strive to strike a deep connection between the photograph and the educational resources and educational texts. Photography can also address scientific and educational concepts, because photography is an important tool for learning to the extent that sometimes a photograph is more powerful than an educational text.
 Using the Roshd Festival photos in Education
 He emphasized: "Many of these photos of this festival can be used in our educational body, so God willing, a working group will be formed soon to review these photos based on the needs of the offices.
 In this ceremony, the winners of the different sections of the festival were announced in the order of the provinces and received their awards in person and online.

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