Curriculum subsystem strategies were announced in transformational cycles

The Deputy Minister and Head of the Educational Research and Planning Organization informed the management and expert levels of the organization about "transformational rotations in the curriculum subsystem".

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, this morning, in order to renew the Covenant on the evolutionary activities of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, the strategies of transformational rotations in the curriculum subsystem were announced.

In this communication, Dr. Hassan Maleki, while appreciating the efforts of all scientific and expert levels of this organization, emphasized: we must protect the love and intimacy of the organization and encourage each other in the shadow of religious brotherhood. Wishing health and dignity to each and every colleague, transformational turns are presented in the curriculum subsystem to remind us of the covenant we have accepted on the path to change. Undoubtedly, these rotations will be blessed and acceptable when they are associated with the spirit of monotheistic naturalism and nurture students as "religious thinkers."

The head of the research organization announced the rotations of the curriculum subsystem in the form of a strategy as follows:

Organization movement:

From a "subject-oriented" curriculum to an "education-based" curriculum to gain competencies from a fully "focused" curriculum to a curriculum "based on the effective participation of beneficiaries in education" at all levels of the "one-sided" curriculum. "Multidimensional" (triangular structure) curriculum from "outcome-oriented" curriculum to "outcome-oriented" curriculum (realization of competencies at product level, system output level and its consequence at the community level) from learning topics to the process of achieving of thinking and understanding the meaning of separation Educational programs integrated into the curriculum.

It is worth mentioning that the scientific groups in the planning and writing offices of this organization have established the basis of the transformation movement on the basis of the transformation documents of the country's education system, such as the national curriculum document and the fundamental transformation document.

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