Congratulatory message from the Minister of Education on the occasion of the beginning of the year 1400

 Minister of Education in a message congratulated the officials and people on the eve of Nowruz in 1400, especially the esteemed community of educators, students and parents.

 According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Organization of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, quoting the Information and Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Education, the text of Mohsen Haji Mirzaei's message is as follows:

 in the name of God

 "Nowruz" is a symbolic day and a good ritual remembrance by our ancestors.

 A look at the history of Iran confirms the historical fact that the owners and inhabitants of this land of culture and wisdom have always been the starters and the initiators of love.

 The choice of spring from the seasons of the year as the beginning of the new year and the choice of Nowruz from the days as its beginning show the spirit of beauty, friendship, hope and moderation of Iranians. Benevolent people who plant goodness and friendship seedlings in the hearts of each other at the beginning of spring at the same time with the rain of the sky and the fertility of the earth.

 And such courageous Iranians, with their policy of peace and anti-oppression, were able to keep their faith and Iran alive and valuable in the maze of paths and in the ups and downs of threats and sanctions throughout history.

 What a good teaching it is to keep this ancient heritage established just like its predecessors, and to remove its mirror from exaggerations and additions, so that we can share the valuable teachings of this love in the kind existence of each Iranian, symbolic and institutional.

 It will be so good in these hard days, when all our dear compatriots are suffering from the Corona virus and the pioneers and leaders of the struggle, who are the Mujahideen of the Health Front and are dying in a high-risk battlefield of this epidemic, we perform this ritual virtually and avoid unnecessary travel.

 Whenever human beings are confronted with the ominous phenomenon of pervasive and deadly diseases such as Corona disease, all aspects of their personal and social life are faced with many challenges, and when dear Iran was at the height of this cataclysm, the Ministry of Education as the main custodian of education and the formal education of the children of Islamic Iran, in line with its inherent mission, namely provided educational services to students, from the very first days of the outbreak of this deadly disease with full understanding of the conditions of the day and future research to predict and prevent the difficult conditions ahead, and designed, compiled and implemented three methods of face-to-face, combined and face-to-face education, and to achieve its great goal, namely establishme educational justice and its qualitative and quantitative expansion. For the first time in the education calendar of this country, application of "Happy" or "shad" was made for teaching to many education enthusiasts, a great software that the upward trend from birth to its evolution, has caused a comprehensive path in the field of virtual education in the country.

 And now, another Nowruz is on the way. Eid al-Adha, which happens in the month of Sha'ban al-Mu'azzam, where increases its auspiciousness and benevolence.

 As the servant of the Islamic Iran in the largest cultural system of the country, namely "Education", in these auspicious event I joyfully greet the Supreme Leader, the esteemed President, the esteemed community of educators, students, as well as all the devotees of this pure religion throughout the world, especially kind compassionate Iranians Kind and compassionate, and I remind you that the new year is one of the most serious events, specially the thirteenth "presidential election", which is undoubtedly the most visible symbol of the nation's sovereignty over its own destiny.

 In this regard, we hope to once again witness the glory of Iran and Iranian glory by creating a favorable environment for maximum participation and the live presence of enthusiasts such as teachers, educators, counselors, and managers of the great institution of education.

 In the end, I sincerely wish that the God Almighty gifts a year full of health and happiness to all Iranians people, especially Iranians around the world and all good-natured compatriots, especially diligent and patient colleagues in the education system.

 Hopefully, in the shadow of the worshipping the Almighty God, we can live the year 1400, which is the new millennium in our calandar, pure, clean and stable, that more than the beginning of this new year, we will consider the end of it as Eid.

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