Clarification on textbook omissions in Corona red signal conditions was issued

The sections of free study or omissions of the test resources of the first and second courses of theoretical high school in red conditions of COVID 19 for the academic year 1300-1400 have been republished. According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Educational Research and Planning Organization; as per the decision of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters to hold the ninth and twelfth grade exams in person and the need to consider loading and designing the questions of all the courses of these grades; Due to the epidemic of COVID 19 virus and its impact on the country's education system, this organization has produced COVID 19 curriculum guides in yellow and red conditions for the academic year 1399-1400 and notified them to the provincial education departments last year. Regarding other educational levels, due to the diversity of the educational situation, decision-making is the responsibility of school principals and teachers. Emphasized in this circular; Any instruction that is contrary to the provisions of this circular is invalid. Therefore, in order to re-inform and clarify and prevent the profitability of unreliable sites, this organization re-communicates the method of loading and free study of exam courses (omissions) to the provinces and publishes it in the appendix of this news. It is worth mentioning that the sections of free study of courses (omissions) and final loading of all courses of first and second secondary courses in the system of writing books of general and theoretical secondary education at the address: and the Educational Quality Assessment and Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Education and Breeding is available at: The full file of free study courses (omissions) of textbooks in Corona conditions can be viewed here or attached files.

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