Dr. Mohammadian acknowledging Dr. Fakhruddin Danesh Ashtiani

According to public relations and international affairs of the research and planning organization of the ministry of education, this morning (Saturday, August 19, 2017), Hojatoleslam wal-Moslemani, Dr. Mohyeddine Bahrame Mohammadiane, wrote a letter To Dr. Fakhredin Ahmadi Danesh Ashtiani with a message:

The teacher should be the facilitator of learning

According to the report of the department of public information and public relations of the ministry of education, quoting the ministry of education of Khorasan Razavi, at the closing ceremony of the third festival of adolescents in Kharazmi, the secretary general of higher education council, Mehdi Navid Adham said: In the past, families tried to transfer their knowledge to children who were also learning the jobs of their parents, but with the establishment of new educational systems in Iran, a form of education has been developed where a number of students are entrusted to the teacher to provide them with what he knows.

The approach of the prosperity of true human nature and the realization of the good life belong only to the Islamic Republic.

Our organization has the task of planning and compiling textbooks for the university and we produce one hundred and thirty million textbooks each year, as well as thirty five thematic review titles adapted to courses and levels of study, with the information of the students printed with a draw of 40