OERP Transformative Perspective for Roshd Network in Coming Years

The National Network of Iranian Schools (Roshd Network) is regarded as one of the most crucial transformational tools for educating which has taken many years to reach the present level, Public Relations and International Affairs Office at Organization for Educational Research and Planning (OERP) reported.

Using new technologies such as the Internet and cyberspace, Roshd Network is like an educational package that aids the Iranian educational system to strengthen, complete and deepen all educational programs and school-related activities.

Enjoying educators’ skills, OERP is to enrich this tool by producing multiple contents for each textbook. Thus, the poverty of electronic content in the entire educational system will be somehow eliminated.

Educating students on Roshd Network is not online and it has been designed to support classrooms and teachers. Here, teachers play the role of an educational guide. The Roshd contents are suitable for students who do not have specialist teachers or use multi-grade ones, thus, they can enjoy more specialized content.

As its infrastructure is national information network, its tariff for using the Internet is 50%. Also, each file’s volume is 50 to 60 megabyte and if students download the whole educational content of their grade, their Internet consumed volume will be less than one gigabyte.

In order to enrich Roshd, OERP has established “teacher’s learning center” where, the educator is taught how to design lessons, educational videos, audios and photos as well as how to set up teaching examples. Three chief tasks designed for Roshd is supporting curriculum, classroom and teacher.

Content loading on Roshd is commensurate with changes in textbooks. In addition, the content produced is based on curriculums and it is investigated by curriculum experts; hence, as soon as any change is made to textbooks, the network’s content will be reviewed and reproduced within 15 to 20 days.

According to a transformation perspective raised for Roshd Network by OERP, it should truly evolve and realize its state of being national. In other words, here, the entire services required by students, educators, parents, school staff such as counseling, academic guidance and field choosing ought to be provided.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 and the closure of schools, Ministry of Education created an infrastructure called Shad Network so that students can study their lessons at home. However, at first glance, the question arises  that what the difference is between Shad and Roshd networks.

Shad Network is in charge of education while Roshd is to support the school textbooks content. Shad's platform is Android and Roshd's  is the Internet; hence, to integrate these two sounds impossible. The only solution is to put Roshd’s link on Shad so that students can connect to the former via the latter. 

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