The revolutionary slogan of this year's production leap must be fully realized with all-round support and removal of obstacles.

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a message on the occasion of the beginning of the Iranian year 1400, called the new year the year of "production; "Supports, and Removal of Obstacles."

 According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, quoting the information base of the Office of the Supreme Leader,
 in the name of God
 I wish a very happy Nowruz and New Year to all our dear compatriots, especially to the honorable families of the martyrs and the families of the veterans and the veterans themselves and all the martyrs; and the nations that celebrate Nowruz.
 This year, our Eid coincides with the Eid al-Fitr, which we hope will bring many blessings materially and spiritually for our New Year, God willing. And [the year] 1400 is blessed with the two halves of Sha'ban in it, and the people will celebrate twice this year.
 Iranian year of 1399 was ended with different events and sometimes with unprecedented events. 1) One of those events that was truly unprecedented and unfamiliar to our nation was the Corona phenomenon, which affected the lives of almost every nation in some way; It affected businesses, schools, religious communities, travel, sports, and other issues of the country, and brought a severe blow to employment in the country. Of course, the most bitter of all was the death of tens of thousands of our dear people, which means the grief and grief of tens of thousands of families. I take this opportunity to offer my condolences to all those dear families and to express my sympathy with them. We hope that God will give them patience and reward, and that He will have mercy and forgiveness on the victims.
 2) The emergence of the capabilities of the Iranian nation in the face of Corona and the maximum pressure of the enemy in thhe year 99 was also in a sense the year of the emergence of the capabilities of the Iranian nation; In the face of this great test on our dear nation, from the medical and health complexes, to the researchers and scientists, to the people, to the jihadist groups and the servants, showed a great ability to manage this tragic event. With the maximum pressure of the enemy during the embargo; Despite the embargo, the closure of various ways to use the facilities abroad, our scientists, our doctors, our nurses, our paramedics, our laboratory agents and our radiologists - those involved in treating the people - were fairly able to have a great experienc and show a great ability of themselves; The Iranian nation also showed its ability to withstand the maximum pressure of the enemy. Our enemies, led by the United States, were trying to bring the Iranian nation to its knees with this maximum pressure. Today, they and their European comrades explicitly say that maximum pressure has failed. We knew we would makre them fail and we were going to defeat the enemy in this regard. We knew that the Iranian nation would stand, but today they themselves are admitting that this maximum pressure has failed.
 Realizing the slogan of "leap of production" to an acceptable level and not to the expected level
 Well, the slogan of the year 99 was the slogan of "Leap of Production". (1) If I want to make an assessment based on various popular and governmental reports and different organizations and directions - which are reported to us from all directions - I have to say that this slogan was realized to some extent, and to an acceptable degree, that is, the leap of production was realized in parts of the country and parts of the various issues of the country, although not as much as expected; In other words, in places where this slogan was realized, which was often in infrastructure and construction works and the like, the result was not visible in the public economy of the country and in the livelihood of the people, as we expected. The leap of production can open up the economic situation of the people. Of course, the slogan of the leap of production is literally a revolutionary slogan in every sense of the word and it is an important slogan. A jump in production, if happens right in the country - which will happen, God willing - will have profound economic effects on the country - it will affect the value of money and other major economic issues - and in addition it will lead to national confidence and public satisfaction which guarantees national security; That is, if mutated production happens in the country, God willing, which we hope will happen, these important complications and these great benefits will be realized.
 Factors of complete non-fulfillment of the slogan of production leap: the existence of obstacles, lack of support for production.
 So why didn't this completely happen in '99? Due to the existence of obstacles on the one hand, and the lack of support for production in all sectors on the other hand. That is, production needs both the necessary legal and governmental support and the removal of barriers to production. Now, for example, suppose that when a part-time workshop, works with 30 percent or forty percent capacity, or is completely out of work while is started with the efforts of a few young people, with encouragement and the like, but after it has come to production, suddenly sees that the competitor of this product is somehow entering the country from abroad; Either by the treacherous hands of the smuggler or, unfortunately, through legal means and due to poor legal observance. This production is naturally not encouraged; This is a barrier to production, meaning that what has been done actually fails. Or also [because of] the lack of incentives, like the lack of investment incentives. Investment in production needs incentives. Those who can invest should be encouraged to do so, and the business situation in the country should be such that they are encouraged to enter the businesses, or the cost of production should not be increased for them, which unfortunately has not happened; That is because the necessary considerations have not been taken; There were no such incentives and no thought was given to the costs of production. In one of the past years maybe 98 or 99 - the cost of production was higher than the cost of consumer. Well, these are things that hinder the progress of production.
 The need for a long-term view of the country's issues
 Therefore, in 1999, we somehow started this revolutionary movement in the country, and the Iranian nation has welcomed the leap of production in a specific and limited way; This must continue; The year 1400, in fact is the begining of a new century, so the issues of the country must be looked at from a long-term perspective and calculated with a long-term perspective.
 Sensitivities of 1400: Elections, the need to continue the flourishing of production and the leap of production
 This year - the year 1400 - is a sensitive and important year: also because of the elections that take place this year, we have important elections in 1400, which can have a significant impact on the situation of the country and the events of the country and the future of the country; New administrations will come to power, probably newcomers, with various strong motivations, God willing, to enter the executive management of the country. Therefore, the elections make this year very important and sensitive. This is partly because, of course, I will talk about elections later in my speech, and I will suffice here - and also because production took moved on in 1999 and created a leap in production.
 Slogan of the year 1400: "Production; Supports, Removal of Obstacles »
 This year - the year 1400 - there is a good ground for the flourishing of the production leap, which should be used to the maximum. This move must be pursued seriously, and mainly legal, governmental, and governmental support for the leap in production. Whether this government is in office or not, the future government, from the beginning of its establishment, must make every effort to remove the obstacles and provide the necessary support, and God willing, the leap of production will take place in the true sense of the word this year. So I set this year's slogan: "Production; "Supports, Removal of Obstacles"; We must focus on production and provide the necessary support and remove obstacles to production. We hope that, God willing, this slogan will be fulfilled. God willing, I will have my speech on this issue, as well as on the issue of elections.
 We hope that the pure soul of our great Imam and the good souls of our great martyrs will be satisfied and pleased with us, and that this year will be a blessed year for the Iranian nation, and Imam Mahdi "the Savior" will pray for the Iranian nation, the country's officials and the people, and continue his kindness and his attention to this nation, God willing, as it has been in the past. 
 Peace be upon you 

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