Introducing the winners of 3 special badges of Roshd International Film Festival

The winners of three special awards of the 52nd Roshd International Film Festival were announced. According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Educational Research and Planning Organization, three special awards of the 52nd international scientific, educational film festival of Roshd were awarded to the winners by Hojjatul Islam Dr. Ali Latifi, Deputy Minister and Head of Educational Research and Planning Organization. 1. Hossein Turkjoosh was awarded the special medal of self-sacrifice (Shahid Ali Landi) for the work of Abbas. 2. The special "Teacher" badge was awarded to Mohammad Alizadeh Fard for the work of Heroes. 3. The special badge of "Iranian Islamic Development Origin School" was awarded to Mehdi Shahsawari for his "Presence and Absence". At the closing ceremony of the 52nd International Rushd Film Festival, Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Kazemi, Vice President of Secondary Education, Dr. Asghar Bagherzadeh, Vice President of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Dr. Qasim Ahmadi Lashki, Legal Vice President, Mrs. Dr. Zahra Panahi Reva, Director General of Witness Affairs and Volunteers of the Ministry of Education, a number of artists, filmmakers Students, families and residents of cinema industry and education were also present. See more information on the festival website at

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