Explaining the plans and achievements of the 13th government in education

During the visit of Ayatollah Seyed Ibrahim Raisi to the Ministry of Education, which was carried out in the continuation of the process of "headquarters supervision of executive bodies", the Minister of Education explained the one-year plans and achievements of the 13th government in education. According to the Public Relations and International Affairs report of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, quoted by the Information and Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Yusuf Nouri expressed his gratitude for the special attention of the President to education and said: "Undoubtedly, this is a worthy and necessary action of the government to review government institutions with priority on cultural organizations, shows the president's attention to cultural issues with the approach of improving, reforming and monitoring." Allocation of 5 meetings to education in the last two months by the president Strong Iran's cabinet member said: "The first meeting of the Supreme Council of Education in the 13th government was held with your presence, and you dedicated three meetings to education in September and two in October this year." He said: "At the UNESCO meeting held at the United Nations, you rejected imported documents and emphasized and promoted the Fundamental Transformation of Education Document." The implementation of ranking, supplementary insurance for educators, free student nutrition, etc. are among the most important achievements of the 13th government. Referring to the activities carried out in the 13th government in education, Nouri said: "implementation of ranking, supplementary insurance for educators, free meals for students that had been suspended for about twelve years, funds for provincial trips, which are about twice as much as the funds for education in these trips, have been allocated to the provinces instead of half-finished plans." Construction of 6,500 fountains for school bathrooms and drinking fountains in the 13th government The cabinet member of the 13th government, referring to the current situation where education was taken over at the beginning of the 13th government, said: "In terms of space and equipment, we did not have more than 13,000 sanitary and drinking fountains, and now half of these deficiencies have been fixed." We had 8,000 Capri schools and soil made schools, and now, according to the resolution we had with the executive headquarters of Farman Imam and the Donators Assembly, the schools with more than 12 people will be dismantled by the end of the year. An average increase of 2 million three hundred thousand tomans for teachers' salaries in case of implementation of the rating Referring to the situation of teachers, the Minister of Education stated: "two million three hundred thousand tomans will be added to their salaries on average by implementing the rating of teachers, also the new salary increase bill will be applied to teachers and a benefit will be given to teachers this year on Teacher's Day." Winning 20 medals in the World Student Olympiads during last year Member of the Cabinet of the People's Government of Iran, in the area of ​​quality in education, said: "During the Corona period, schools were closed, which caused damage to the education system, the effects of which still remain on education. During this period, the camps were closed, we had not won more than 9 medals in the world student Olympiads, but in the 13th government, 20 medals have been won during the past year, the cultural and sports competitions have been restarted after 12 years, and the Document of Fundamental Transformation is more in the form of a headquarter had been created and it had not been implemented in schools. The integrated education and training systems were removed, the students recruited in Farhangian University were not provided with space for them, and we did not have educational space and dormitories for 40 thousand students of Farhangian University. We had more than 40 and 50 students in the classrooms, and the growth in technical and professional education had stopped, which has been a good change in this period." 15 million and 600 thousand students study in 114 thousand educational units Cabinet member of the 13th government stated some quantitative statistics of the Ministry of Education: "The Ministry of Education has 32 general departments, 728 education districts, 114,000 educational units, 17,854 of which are non-governmental schools, and we have eight affiliated organizations, two universities, and a reserve fund for educators. 15 million and 600 thousand students have been registered in the academic year 1402-1401, 57% of students are studying in primary school, 24% in first secondary schools, 12% in theoretical secondary schools, and 7% in technical and vocational schools. Also, the number of students in the primary period in each class is 31 in the cities and 19.5 in the villages. The national average is 25.9, which is 27.1 in the first secondary school and 18.7 in work and knowledge schools." 963 thousand people in education and training with an average salary of 7 million 728 thousand tomans He continued: "The human resources of education and training who receive salaries from the treasury are 963 thousand people, of which 43% are in the primary period and 47% in the secondary period, 4% are only administrative staffs and 6% are service staffs. The ratio of men and women is 54% of those working in education and training are women and 46% are men. Teachers share 71 and a half percent of the total employees, 30 percent of post-graduate and doctorate teachers, and 54 percent of undergraduates. At the beginning of the Islamic revolution, the educational space for education was one and a half square meters per student, which has reached 5.2 square meters with the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran despite all the restrictions. Therefore, immigration has had negative effects on the educational space per capita." Nouri continued: "Last year, the benefactors pledged 3 thousand billion tomans, but they allocated 3 thousand 400 billion tomans for school construction, and this year they pledged 8 thousand billion tomans. 19.2% of educational spaces are worn out or in need of renovation." 195 thousand billion tomans of education credits; 13 million tomans per student The Minister of Education said: "Education credits are 195 thousand billion tomans, which if we divide by 13 million students of public schools, the cost that the government pays for each student will amount to 13 million tomans. The average salary of cultural colleagues is seven million seven hundred and twenty eight thousand Tomans based on the latest receipt from the treasury, which will increase well if the ranking rates plan is implemented." the first goal; Increasing the participation of stakeholders and other institutions in education The cabinet member of the People's Government, referring to the performance of education and training in comparison with the goals of the People's Government Transformation Document, stated: "In the field of education and training governance, as a challenge to sectoralism in education and training as a national matter, the first weakness that was identified was the limited participation with other institutions and beneficiaries of education and training. We have had cases where a Donator has built a school and he has been present in order to establish discipline and participation in the school administration, which he was not allowed to do, so the first axis has been the use of the capacity of all stakeholders and involved people, which has been the focus of this issue in the meetings of the council of principals and vice presidents. We have set it up to create this culture." Signing a memorandum of understanding with 17 organizations The cabinet member of the People's Government stated: "We have also signed a memorandum of understanding with 17 organizations and institutions, and yesterday we operated 150 schools with the Barkat Foundation and in the presence of Ayatollah Mohammadi Golpayegani. There has been good cooperation with the Ministry of Defense in the following sectors of information and communication technology, education and training for planning and careful monitoring and transparency. The approvals for supporting knowledge-based institutions, which have been emphasized by the government, have been approved." Referring to other activities that have been done in education and in the 13th government, he said: "The final writing of the Fundamental Transformation Document, the popularization of the governance system of education, the handing over of schools to benefactors, the establishment of 32 centers of educational justice and equal education, and the identification of 545 servant groups. In different fields, the release of stadiums and camps on Thursdays and Fridays for families, the identification of structural interference in policies and missions and the integration and coordination of policies, the implementation of the Fundamental Transformation Document, because the document must go to the school and be implemented there, the identification of obstacles to the implementation of the document. Transformational schools plan, training of transformational helpers to 1500 young people, compliance of 90% of educational programs with the transformation document, supporting research for ranking schools, management of conflicts of interest, implementation of the plan to stabilize learning in the summer, implementation of campaigns such as Iranian writing software for one million needy students, sending 10 thousand servant workers to the regions, reducing student density, reducing school dropouts, starting free meals, per capita distribution of schools, redesigning the national curriculum and rotating the assessment and transformation center to the quality monitoring and evaluation center, creating an integrated system for quality assurance and strengthening and upgrading Farhangian University is one of the most important tasks that has been done during the one-year period." Necessity of carrying out integrated education and redesign of technical and professional fields and associates The Minister of Education stated: "The new ecosystem must gradually be present in education, the intelligent educational system has been implemented so that changes can be made based on artificial intelligence and big data survey, the redesign of the branches of the second secondary course should be taken into account, and new fields and businesses should be targeted so that the students could actively enter this space, multi-center schools should be done, especially in conservatories." He continued: "The social harms that have intensified during the Corona period for the students who have suffered social harm and are registered in the symbol system, we must take an action with the coordination of all institutions and finance it." In the end, he stated: "Education for transformation has started and in some cases it has achieved success, in large institutions, especially educational and cultural ones, there are usually many complications, but we have made the moves in line with the Transformation Document of the people's government quickly and we hope that in this issue we become successful with the help and support of the president, to achieve our goals."

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