Indonesian Documentary Filmmaker: I have already studied about Roshd Film Festival

Buljan Naiz Dawood is a documentary filmmaker and cultural activist from Indonesia who has made several documentaries about the city of Qom and the shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh, as well as the path of Jamkaran and the personality of some Shia scholars. He, who participated in the 52nd edition of Roshd Film Festival, says that his cultural activity in the field of filmmaking is based on the concerns of the character, because he made his first documentary film about Hazrat Masoumeh's shrine for his son on the occasion of his birthday. Since then, he has become interested in this profession. Sohar Buljan emphasizes the importance of cinema and its cultural and educational role: "In my opinion, filmmaking is a very important art because all parts of the body, from the eyes to other parts, are involved in making a film. A film product is also something that Man is shown and every man is more interested in believing what he has seen." This Indonesian documentary maker and cultural activist added: "Cinema helps make the mental world believable for everyone." He also explained that he once worked with the media as a photographer, and during his media activity, he learned a lot of news about Roshd Film Festival and made studies about it. He is also interested in this topic to participate in this festival. Regarding the new approach of education, this cultural activist also emphasized that during the outbreak of the Corona Virus, education and learning went through the virtual space. In Indonesia, the classes were held online and training was done through PowerPoint and multimedia activities. It can even be said that because of holding online classes, children became more familiar with video technologies and many students learned to use cameras in this course, and these days most children are familiar with filmmaking.

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