The President in the "Headquarters Supervision" of the Ministry of Education: The training of efficient, competent and skilled forces is an important mission of the Ministry of Education

Pointing to the necessity of launching camps for the path of progress, the president said: "scientific, research and university environments are among the most attractive and spectacular places for students, and showing the progress, achievements and honors of the country to the youth generation, which neutralizes the negative news and false insinuations of the foreign media." According to the public relations and international affairs report of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, quoted from the presidential information base, Ayatollah Seyed Ibrahim Raisi went to the Ministry of Education and Culture this Monday morning in the continuation of the process of "headquarters supervision of executive bodies" and in the company of the managers of this ministry, while listening to the one-year performance report of this group, he provided important guidelines and suggestions to improve the quality and quantity of the performance of this ministry. The president named "humanization and education of efficient, competent and skilled forces" as an important mission of the Ministry of Education and said: "Education of competent human beings begins at home and continues at school. If our children are brought up in a justice-loving home and school, they will be the first executors of justice as citizens of society." Referring to the Supreme Leader of the Revolution's emphasis on the necessity of the strict and complete implementation of the Fundamental Transformation of Education Document, Raisi emphasized the precise, expert and monitorable timing for the optimal implementation of the Fundamental Transformation of Education Document. The President continued to promote educational quality, popularization, justice-oriented and family-oriented among the important features of the Document of Fundamental Transformation of Education and emphasized the necessity of its implementation in a school-oriented manner. In another part of his speech, Ayatollah Raisi considered "the development and improvement of education and training" as one of the important indicators of progress in the world, and considering the importance of land use in meeting the needs of the education system, he stated: In this regard, the activation of conservatories and the creation of skills and relationship with industry and agriculture sector is very effective. Raisi considered the provision of "skill training" in the education system to be very necessary and important and noted: "Part of the reasons for the lack of proper use of the capacities and natural resources in the country, including in the mining and agriculture sectors, are due to the lack of updated skills and knowledge. If the education sector works shoulder to shoulder with industry, mining and agriculture, one of its effects will be to solve the problems of these areas and also the problem of unemployment in the country." Pointing to the importance of the role of "Farhangian University" in the matter of teacher training, the president emphasized the necessity of recruiting elite professors and students with the leaven and teaching background in this complex. Ayatollah Raisi went on to outline some important guidelines; the proposal to use the unused educational facilities and spaces, especially in the scientific-applied university and non-educational organizations in the Farhangian University, was the first guideline, after which the president spoke about the need to pay attention to the construction of dormitories for married students of teacher training and clarified: the provision of these facilities for students, as not an expense, but a long-term and beneficial investment. The proposal to set up educational counseling centers for students using the capacity of retirees, as well as the proposal to establish public schools with the help of education innovators and the participation of people and benefactors, were the next guidelines of the president in the group of senior education managers. Ayatollah Raisi said that the purpose of public schools is to reduce the government's responsibility and limit it to a supportive and guiding role in education and said: In this model, important responsibilities can be left to people, especially families. Launching the "Paths of Progress" camps was one of the most important instructions of the president to the educational complex. Pointing to the positive effects of Rahian Noor Camps, Ayatollah Raisi said that the purpose of Rahian Camp is to create enthusiasm in students and observe the progress and achievements of the country, including in science and technology parks, and said: " Showing scientific, research and university environments, including very attractive places and the country's progress, achievements, and honors to the youth generation, neutralizes the negative news and false inductions of the foreign media to today's generation." The President further proposed the formation of a joint committee between the Program and Budget Organization and the Ministry of Education to examine the solutions for providing optimal education per capita, and stated that the Ministry of Education should pay special attention to improving the productivity of the country's education system, because certainly, the increase in productivity in this ministry will have an effect on improving the quality of education and training of students. The development and strengthening of centers for the intellectual development of children and teenagers was one of the other guidelines proposed by the president in this meeting. Ayatollah Raisi further described the students as capital and a huge opportunity for the future of the country and addressed the officials of the Ministry of Education and clarified: "Our students, along with the enthusiasm of the youth, have a questioning spirit which may create mental knots for them on various issues, which here the role of education and especially teachers and administrators is very important to open these mental knots and answer their doubts." The President pointed out that the enemy is definitely seeking to de-identify and threaten the beliefs of our teenagers and young people, therefore, the Ministry of Education has the duty to play a great role in countering these conspiracies by creating lively educational environments and strengthening communication with parents and students' families." Raisi considered the protection of today's generation and the youth of the country to be a serious and strategic responsibility of the Ministry of Education and said: "the officials of this ministry with the cooperation of parents and families will not allow the enemy to use the contents of our educational centers in line with their goals, but educational centers should create a bright and promising future for the young generation." In the end, the president pointed to the implementation of the teacher rating plan in the 13th government after 11 years and said: "For the people's government, the basis of work in implementing this plan was to improve the status of teachers and increase the quality of education in the education system and create social capital for the country." Before the President's speech, Yousef Nouri, the Minister of Education, while presenting a report on the activities of this ministry in the past year, pointed on some measures taken, including the process of implementing the Document on the Fundamental Transformation of Education, the requirements and arrangements for the resumption of face-to-face education in schools across the country. After the spread of the Corona virus, the collection of connexion schools by using dozens of schools in the mostly disadvantaged parts of the country, increasing the per capita student space to 2.5 square meters, preparing one million packages for disadvantaged students in the form of stationery campaigns, organizing more than 12 thousand jihadist forces in Education, supplementary insurance for educators, strengthening the University of Education, intelligent system of human resources, redesigning the structure of the second year of high school based on new disciplines and businesses, creating production conservatories in the work and knowledge sector with independent financial nature, turning Shad software into a combined education software and its development and it's use in the neighboring countries and the use of the capacity of knowledge-based companies in the development of educational activities.

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