The deadline for submitting works to the Roshd International Film Festival was extended until November 10th

The permanent secretariat of Roshd International Educational and Educational Films Festival announced that the deadline for sending works to the 52nd edition of this festival has been extended until November 10th. According to the Public Relations and International Affairs report of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, following the request of filmmakers and artists, the deadline for submitting works and participating in the 52nd Rushd scientific, educational and training film festival was extended until November 10th. The previous deadline for sending and uploading works was October 10th. This year's festival will be held in three main international sections, filmmaking teachers and filmmaking students by the Research and Educational Planning Organization. In this period, three special awards will be given to works on the topics of "school, the source of Islamic-Iranian progress and the inspiration of the Islamic world", "special award for a teacher", "special award for sacrifice and self-sacrifice (martyr Ali Landi)". According to the organizers of this course, films with a purposeful and practical educational design, with creative and effective expression to support the education system and national curriculum, are given special attention, and so far the number of works received in the international section is four times that of the domestic sections, which shows the importance and position of this festival at the global level. The 52nd edition of Roshd Scientific, Educational and Educational Film Festival will be held from November 28th to 6th, December at the Palestine Cinema Cultural Complex. News and events related to this period of the festival are available on the website at for those interested.

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