The Fundamental Transformation of Education Document should be at the forefront of all educational affairs in the country

In the opening ceremony of the new academic year, the president, stated that the Document of the Fundamental Transformation of Education should be placed at the top of all the educational affairs of the country.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs report of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, quoted by the Information and Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Education, Ayatollah Seyed Ibrahim Raisi this Saturday morning at the official opening ceremony of the school year 1401-1402 in the country's schools, with condolences on the arrival of the death anniversary of the beloved Messenger of Islam and also honoring the holy defense week, as considered the holy presence of Prophet Muhammad as the greatest teacher and trainer of humanity to achieve worldly and hereafter happiness and added: "Martyrs and generals of our country are also great teachers who passed the divine exam with excellent grades."

Ayatollah Raeesi described the jobs of teachers as the continuation of the work of divine and prophets for the education of the future generations of the country and addressed the students: "by studying well, they should appreciate the efforts of their teachers and professors."

In another part of his speech, he pointed to the drafting of the Document on the Fundamental Transformation of Education and the necessity of placing this document at the forefront of all educational matters, and obliged those involved in education to evaluate the implementation of this important document every year and the extent of its progress and report."

The president then raised the question (Mehr) of the new academic year and asked the students to answer what are the indicators of a good school in their opinion?

Ayatollah Raeesi pointed out that among the students' responses to last year's Mehr question there were very weighty and meaningful writings, and asked all the students to answer this question with motivation and interest this year, because the position of a good school in training people is very important to the administration, family and the community as well.

In an initiative, the president asked the teachers on measures to be taken to increase the productivity in education?

He considered the improvement of productivity as one of the most important axes of the people's government and said: "the government has tried to increase the education budget and credits, improve the status of Farhangian University and teacher training centers, implement the teacher rating law and implement the Document of Fundamental Transformation in Education in order to help to improve the productivity in the education system of the country and requested the teachers to express their opinions and experiences in this field."

Continuing his speech, Ayatollah Raisi stated that this year we will have meetings and discussions in 4 sectors and with 4 effective pillars of the country's education system, and said: "In the first meeting, together with the minister and education officials, there will be a meeting with the representatives of the country's students, and in the next step we will have a meeting with teachers' representatives to evaluate the country's educational situation and listen to their opinions and views in a completely working meeting."

The president added: "In the third step, we will have a meeting with education experts and in the fourth step, we will evaluate the progress of the country's education system in a meeting with representatives of the parents of the students, and similar meetings will be held at the provincial level, in order to reach a more accurate assessment of the country's educational situation."

Raisi stated: "School and education is not one of the tasks of the people's government, but the most important mission and work of the government, and I hope that with the 4 meetings that we will hold with the main pillars of education in the country, a more accurate assessment of the educational situation in the country and finding ways to improve it."

Before the president's speech, Yusuf Nouri, the Minister of Education, also congratulated the beginning of the new academic year and honored the holy defense week, and appreciated the president's authoritative defense of our country's honorable positions in the United Nations General Assembly and the education reform summit at the UNESCO headquarters. And he said: "The rejection of the imposed educational documents and the emphasis on the implementation of the Document on the Fundamental Transformation of Education in the country at the meeting on the transformation of education in UNESCO, was a very important action by the honorable president, and I hope that along with other steps taken by the people's government to improve education in the country, including the implementation of the teacher rating bill, increasing the education budget and paying attention to the welfare and livelihood of teachers will improve the productivity and quality performance of the country's education system."

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