47th Roshd International Educational Film Festival to be held

According to the Public Relations of Organization for Educational Research and Programming, 47th Roshd International Educational and Pedagogical Film Festival is going to be held from Friday 3rd to 10th of Azar 1396 (Nov 24th to Dec 1st 2017), covering following articles:

  1. Resistance Economy, Action and Process
  2. Religious Lessons
  3. Culture and Civilization
  4. Life Style and Civil Rights
  5. Education and Pedagogy
  6. Development of Technical Trainings
  7. Cultural and Social collaboration
  8. Preserving National Resources
  9. Science and Life
  10. Especial Section


This report indicates that all Films in following categories are accepted: Scientific-Educational Documentaries, Short Fiction Films, Animations and Long Fiction Films. Mordad 30th 1396 (21 Aug 2017) is the deadline for sending films to festival.