600,000 textbooks a day gets printed in the country

Dr. Mohammadian said: "By the end of the year, a total of 130 million books should be printed and distributed to students; adding that in this framework, the educational needs of different sectors are identified, including national policies potential, expert’s ideas, educators, and practitioners in the field of business market, the family and students, and as well as teachers.

He continued: “The national curriculum is organized in 11 areas of learning. Accreditation and validation of materials provided by experts and then conversion into learning content is one of the most important parts in the development and provision of textbooks.”

He also said: “the curriculum will provide all educational objectives to be systematic and prioritized in specific frameworks in order to respond to a series of personal and social life needs, as we are in a society where different communication networks create different needs for individuals. For this reason, society needs a variety of expertise, abilities and skills so that individuals respond appropriately to their needs.”

Alireza Kazemi also in this meeting said: “All the items that are being analyzed in the workshops should be considered seriously, as these working groups identify the educational and content needs of the region and the provinces. In addition, there should be proper management of distribution packages and content in the provinces. He said that there are some negligence cases in the compilation of textbooks, which should be resolved.