80% of Customers Satisfaction with Iranian Stationery Items

Mohammad Yaghini, the managing director of the Iranian-Islamic Stationery Association, known as Iran Nevesht noted: Nine years ago, more than 90% of the stationery market was filled with foreign products.

“Now, more than 100 producers are manufacturing Iranian-Islamic stationery items and today we are celebrating the eighth anniversary of forming this association.”

Iran’s stationery market’s annual turnover now is about 60 trillion rials ( $257 million).

Referring to the activities of the Iranian Nevesht, he added: "We tried to establish direct contact with people, and since four years ago, the imports of stationary items have decreased from 90% to 60%."

“7,000 direct and 10,000 indirect people as well as 15,000 stores are engaged in this market; however, we need the cooperation of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

He added: Every child deals with stationary items for over 12 years of his education; therefore, the identity of these products affects the mind and soul of children.

“Just a few years ago, even Iranian-made stationary items were sold under the name of other countries as customers did not welcome national products. But since four years ago the situation has changed; people are satisfied with the quality of Iranian stationary items as their quality is better than or equal to imported items.

The CEO of the Iranian-Islamic Stationary Association continued: “We have been working with different NGOs to prepare stationary items for students in remote areas; last 2018, 5,000 packages and last year, 250,000 packages of stationery items were distributed. This year, 500,000 packages of stationery are to be distributed.

Yaghini added: The National Festival of Iran Nevesht are held online due to the Coronavirus outbreak, where online stores are selling Iranian stationary items.


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