The achievements of the Islamic Revolution in the field of education

According to the Jame-e group reporter, some of the achievements of the Islamic Revolution during the past forty years in the field of education are as follows:

With efforts made and according to the 1395 Population and Housing Census, the literacy rate of the country has grown by 86.6%, which is about 50% higher than the beginning of the revolution.

During the training in the past, the teachers used to punish students with wood sticks, but today, teaching students is done with the best and most up-to-date facilities in the world.

The Islamic Revolution established educational justice for women, marginalized and remote areas.

After the revolution, the share of technical students has risen from 23% to 40% and the number of technical schools has increased by 12 times.

In terms of the growth rate of education in Iran, according to the expected years of education in the world, ranked sixth.

The Islamic Revolution transformed a country with 53 percent illiterate into the world's fastest-growing scientific world.

The expected years of studying in Iran ranked 114th from the 69th rank and has reached 45th place.

It is worth mentioning that the 40-year achievements of the revolution in higher education will be released very soon.

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