Apprenticeship is an integral part of the Literacy Movement

Today, one of the honors of the Islamic Republic is the indicators that have been gained in literacy, said Sayyid Mohammad Bathayi, the minister of education at the ceremony of introducing the head of the organization of the Literacy movement; adding that, although we have a difficult path ahead, but Mr. Bagherzadeh has had lot of achievements in scientific and systematic methods in the Office of the Literacy Movement, but he should look at another aspect of literacy in this perspective.” The issues we are facing today as barriers to leading literacy are different from the past 20 years, there are certain obstacles that have prevented the very good move that began with the commandment of Imam Khomeini, and we hope there will be no illiteracy in our Islamic system.”

"I asked Mr. Mohammadzadeh, with all the features that the organization has had in the area of ​​literacy, must provide training along with the organization's programs, and even at a meeting that Mr. Qara’ati was attending, when we came up with such a discussion, he also said that he is ready to contribute to this goal with all his ability. The mission of the organization of literacy should be beyond literacy matter, and in fact we must consider training as one of the main needs of today's life," he continued.

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