Ashura is a school of religion, freedom, sacrifice

Dr. Mohamadian said: Ashura is a school of religion, freedom, sacrifice, struggle against oppression, humiliation and determination.

Imam Khomeini has always said that it is Muharram and Safar that kept Islam alive and this expression shows that there is a very close relationship between Islam and ashoora. These meetings must keep their traditional form to keep ethical and moral values ​​and meeting the epistemological, ethical and educational needs of today, drawing on the teachings, traditions and beliefs of Hossein is a necessity of Hosseini meetings.

Enemies seek to prevent the spread of Hussein's education and advice through terror, murder and explosions in meetings, such as what we have seen in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nigeria and even in parts of Europe and the United States done all by Wahhabism. Another form of preventing the spread of the liberation and rescue of Hosseini education is to distort the teachings of Ashura and to push feelings to the point of superstition, exaggeration, and irrational and sectarian behavior.