Ayatollah Khamenei: By executing 2030 agenda, they seek to train soldiers for US and UK

As the National Teachers' Day approaches, a group of teachers and education officials from across the country met with Ayatollah Khamenei—the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution—at the Hussayniyeh of Imam Khomeini this morning May 1, 2019.
In this meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei praised teachers for the great role they play in building civilizations and asserted: You the teachers are in fact building the cultural identity of the society. Civilization relies on culture. Without a strong and rich culture, civilization would not be created.
His Eminence slammed the UN 2030 Agenda for nations’ educational system for imposing a Western system and went on to say: This is where the importance of the 2030 Agenda is revealed. The essence of this agenda is that our educational system would teach children a lifestyle and philosophy of life-based on Western principles. This means that you, the teachers would train soldiers and footmen for the West in your classrooms.

The Supreme Leader described the 2030 agenda for the education system as a means of foisting Western intellectual strategies on nations that implement it and held: They are working on this 2030 Agenda so much because the instructions and advice for the educational system it implies are meant to adjust students’ system of thoughts in a way that the principles of their life would be built upon Western thoughts.
Ayatollah Khamenei further described the 2030 agenda’s goal to train soldiers for the West and maintained: It implies that you would train soldiers for Britain, the U.S. and the rest of the well-dressed, perfumed savages: the ones who murder and assist the murderers without giving a care. They say, “we help the Saudis because we need their money!” Now they want us to raise soldiers and footmen for them in Islamic countries. This is what the 2030 agenda is about.

The Supreme Leader regarded human resources as the most important asset for a nation and said: The most important subject of civilization for us is education. For a country and a civilization, the most important capital is human capital. That is to say, having money but lacking human capital, you would not get to anywhere. Just like some wealthy countries who devote their big pockets to traitors to humanity, because they lack human assets.

His Eminence described the plunder of Iran’s oil reserves during the tyrannical regimes ruling over Iran as another example and added: [Another example is] our country lies on an ocean of oil. We were unaware of it and did not even have the know-how [to extract it]. Those who knew took away our oil built themselves factories used it in their wars and gave us a little something in return during the monarchy. This is the result of neglecting to invest on human capital.

Ayatollah Khamenei dubbed teachers as the builders of the new civilization by asserting: I am not one to flatter and whatever I have stated during all these years regarding teachers has come from the belief that teachers are the builders of the new civilization. Because without worthy men and women there would be no civilization.

Imam Khamenei added: You are the fighters in the battlefield against ignorance and illiteracy. With a healthy education system, we will get to the future that we wish for.

The Leader of the Revolution stated: The healthy education system we seek would nurture wise, capable, thoughtful, virtuous, pious, chaste, efficient, ingenious, brave and practical men and women. Those who would not fear the enemy and do not evade or neglect [responsibilities].
Ayatollah Khamenei described such an educational system as the prerequisite to the ideal status Iran would win in science and knowledge where anyone would feel the need for learning Persian in order to acquire knowledge, asserting that: If we have such an educational system, the country would get to what I wished for and promised: the status where anyone who seeks to comprehend the frontiers of science would need to learn Persian. The education of such youth is the foundation for the Iran of tomorrow.

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