Basij is the symbol of resistance, stability, innovation and acting based on faith and belief

In the name of God, Merciful and Compassionate
25 of November, the anniversary of issuance of command of establishment of Basidj, is the day when this verse of Glorious Quran was realized "prepare whatever you may from forces against them". Basidj is the symbol of resistance, stability and acting based on faith and belief.
Basidj is that sacred tree with its roots in Iran and its branches spread all over the world and it bears fruits all around the world from Syria to Iraq, from Yemen to Saudi Arabia, from Afghanistan to Bahrain and wherever the sacred call of " There is no god, but Allah" can be heard.
Basidj is not a symbol of war, on the contrary, it is symbol of peace and Jihad(sacred war).
Basidj is a threat for enemies and an inspiration for allies and friends and that is why the enemy fears it the most and tries to discredit it, but Basidj must be protected with all our might and strength.
By glorifying memories of martyrs of Islamic Revolution and martyrs of Basidj, we pay our respect to Imam Khomainy, the wise Gardner who nurtured the twig of Basidj into a strong tree.