Bathay joined the Safe School Classroom Safe School Campaign

According to the Ministry of Education's Information and Public Relations Center, Sayyid Mohammad Bathayi, in a joint meeting with the elected provincial councilors of Parents' Association, said that we are very grateful for the presence and common thoughts of councilors  of parents association, as undubtedly this meeting will be the beginning of a sympathetic and prosperous way because I believe that the only way to save the education of the country is by pursuing this way.

He added that many of the points made by the elected parties at the meeting were the same as the words and the goals of education system. In the new approach to education, families and schools are considered as two partners who share capital, and both are partners in their efforts to promote and grow this capital, which is in fact the future of the country, and if the rules and regulations of the partnership are not respected, capital will be damaged. The most important factor in the success of this partnership is the interaction and cooperation of two parties. What the family is building at home will be dropping off at school and what the school is doing will be damaged at home.

Concerning the fact that in advanced educational systems, outcomes are very effective, is because one of the most important factors of this effectiveness and success in the education system is the interaction of the family with the school. If the power of the family and school is in the same direction, there will be great power and strength. There is a friction between the family and the school, and the educational patterns in these two groups are different.

School counselors need to be familiar with social problems and their symptoms in order to prevent their adverse effects, if the family and school do not move together, the real benefits will not be achieved.

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