BOOM Project Gives Full Authority to Schools in Curriculum Planning

BOOM Project has been implemented since 2018 in two intermediate levels of first and second elementary school according to which each school can dedicate 60 hours from its official time to educational activities based on its own needs.

This plan is designed, compiled and implemented by Organization for Educational Research and Planning (OERP) and its purpose is to reduce the focus on curriculum planning by this organization.

In an interview with Public Relations and International Affairs Office at OERP, Dr. Mohebbi said that in the near future, the project would be communicated to all the educational levels.

“Here, the school principals will enjoy full authority to use their local capacities to promote their students skills. Due to Covid-19, the plan’s implementation will tolerate certain alterations; however, the general framework will remain intact,” he added.

“Each school has 60 hours per year, which can be scheduled as one-hour-a-week session or as two-hour sessions set up every two weeks. The schools will be in charge of their time management and the sessions can be held during official school or extracurricular hours.”

“As schools will have full authority, each can carry out their trainings tailored to their students’ needs. As a consequence, these needs will be evaluated; thereafter, certain programs will be provided to fulfill them. For instance, if a school staff find that their students have become aggressive or that their participation level is low, they may decide, based on their local capacities, which programs can be convenient for these students.”

“Most part of the planning depends on principals’ creativity. For example, some may adopt the neighborhood’s potentials including banks, bakeries, workshops, and stock exchange offices to place their students in these contexts,” he stated.

“The project was communicated to the whole schools in 2018 and the required planning for its implementation is assumed to have been conducted,” Dr. Mohebbi maintained.

“Due to Covid-19, we cannot press schools to carry out their programs and if they plan to do something in this regard, it has to be in cyberspace.”

“During our studies, we found that the schools principals still need some training; thus, 20% of them were to be trained in face-to-face courses and workshops, a plan that was called off due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, 60,000 school principals across the nation are receiving virtual trainings.”

“In Boom Project, cyberspace is required to be enjoyed in all educational cases. Nothing will be imposed on schools by OERP; yet, there will be certain suggestions such as improving social skills and students’ resilience at home. Each school, based on its experiences as well as its needs assessments, can prepare certain contents like videos and put it on its channel.”

“This year, due to Covid-19, schools are free to plan in any way they find appropriate; nevertheless, we will specify the general framework,” Dr. Mohebbi claimed.

“We have created a channel for schools in Shad Network to communicate their findings, hence, to provide a space to exchange their experiences in this regard,” he concluded.


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