Boys should not turn pink!

According to public relations and international affairs of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning, Hojjat al-Eslam Walmoslemine Dr. Mohyeddine ,referring that the male children of primary school have become pink, and repeatedly stated that the primary school teachers are women, which has made the boys pink!

When pupils in the fifth and sixth grades have women teachers, while boys need a male model, with their physics under development, they must strengthen, this creates a problem for students and teachers if they have female teachers.

Some analyze this policy to reduce the presence of women but the issue of educating men and women especially for boys aged 10 to 13 is a scientific question, 50 percent of teachers in the Ministry of Education must be operated by women because of the presence of girls but the statistics of the 85% presence of women teachers is a disaster.

Secondary male students have passed the first cycle with a woman and when suddenly they have male teachers this also is an issue that needs to be considered.

The reasons for including the sixth grade in primary school were three things: first, that the objectives of the initial period were not realized in the first five years; secondly, training during primary school costs little but has a high yield and thirdly we have to make a distance between pupils aged 12 and those who are 12 and 13 years old because they have reached puberty, for girls there was negligence that need to be considered.

In addition, justice in education is in equity but the quality of education is also a matter of principle, in this sense everybody must have access to education and the high quality training available, whatever their gender, ethnicity, geographic region and social class.