a condolence message for loss of a number of Shias in Alzahra mosque at Kabul



The news of murder of a number of shias in the terrorists attack on the night of martyrdom of Amir-al Moemenin Ali (may God’s blessing be upon him), Laylat-ol Ghadr (night of fate) in Alzahra Mosque at Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital brought us sorrow for the lost souls and hatred to those responsible for it. While offering our sympathy and condolences to oppressed and yet brave people of Afghanistan, we condemn this vicious crime against humanity. This crime lay waste to a mosque-the house of God and murdered lots of innocent people who were gathered in a mosque on a holy night to pray, a crime that could be justified by no logic except that of cruelty and viciousness. Those who committed such an act, are abominable beings, beyond description but the governments and regimes who support them how they ever can justify themselves for public, in the court of history and in the eye of beholder.

Of course, they are all well known as infamous creatures and maybe the only court just enough to punish them is that of God’s, for their bribes blind United Nations and secretary-General, same United Nations who makes terrorist raising and child slaughtering Saudi Arabia a member of Human Rights Committee.

United States of America and its allies in the region are more shameless to hear groan of women and children and be ashamed of their deeds.

We complaint to God and ask for his assistance and we never give in to the enemies and we never surrender to them.  People of Yemen, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan are witnesses to this, they didn’t breakdown under terror, invasion, prison and exile, but they challenged great powers, too.

Muslim brothers and sisters of Afghanistan, martyrdom of mourners of Ali (may peace be upon him) oppresses your enemy and brings God’s ultimate victory close.

Once again, I offer my condolences for loss of lovers of Ali and sacred family of prophet of Islam, gathered in Alzahra mosque to Afghan people, Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution and to Imam Zaman and I implore God forgiveness and elevated ranks for martyrs and prompt healing for wounded.

I hope Afghan Government would succeed in finding and punishing the criminals responsible for this crime and preventing such disasters in future and beware that trusting God is sufficient enough and you would need no western or Arab governments.

Moheyeddin Bahram Mohammadian

21st  of Ramadhan 1438 (16 Jun 2017)