Dr. Mohammadian’s message on the verge of Basij’s Week

In the name of God

The Day of Basij is a symbol of readiness, insight and vigilance, sympathy and companionship in confronting the enemies of Islam and Muslims, and the day of displaying national power and Islamic coherence, and the day of the actualization of the Koranic messages.

Today, the Islamic resistance and resistance movement has created the Basij in areas of conflict with Zionist and Saudi subservient agents from Syria and Lebanon and Gaza, Iraq, Yemen, to Afghanistan; and the core of resistance which was Inspired by the legacy of Imam Khomeini has been spread around the world and among the oppressed. What in our country has led to the advancement, excellence, independence and religious democracy, and breaking down the arrogance of America, is the revolutionary and Basij mentality, and that is what has made the enemy to fail in its pursuit of its goals over the course of four decades.

What will be the driving force of the Muslim people of the region in achieving development, justice and progress, peace and stability, and reducing the influence of the United States and the liberation of the noble Qods over the years will be the expansion of revolutionary thinking and basij actions. On the eve of the occasion of the highly regarded Basij Day I would like to express my best wishes to all Muslims and Basij Supporters, and especially to our dear supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Mohiuddin Bahram Mohammadian

 November 22