Educating Exceptional Students during the COVID-19 Era Not Been Ignored

On the educational conditions of students with specific needs, specifically hearing-impaired ones during the COVID-19 era, Head of Department of Exceptional Education in Tehran, Shahnaz Karimi, said, “There is no problem in this regard as education has commenced in the cyberspace.”

“Due to particular circumstances, these students were already active in the cyberspace; hence, we are experienced in this domain. However, COVID-19 caused our colleagues to work more in these times.”

“We identified the whole students who did not have tablets, phones or the Internet. Therefore, phones were provided for some by the school presidents,” she noted.

“Also, training packages were provided to some others and none of them were ignored. Even some teachers go to welfare centers or to their students’ homes and teach them.”

“This year, the face-to-face and virtual methods will simultaneously be presented. We are in coordination with families as we anticipated the conditions and certain planning was done prior to September 5.”

On launching the braille teaching transformative movement, she noted, “We commenced braille teaching last year, however, this year we are more powerful in this area as three classes have been set up in cyberspace for teaching teachers.”

“In the first stage, our teachers will be trained and their information will be updated. In next phases. families, teachers at ordinary schools and all the people will be trained,” she concluded.

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