Education Films for Technical and Vocational Training to Be Screened

The Organization for Educational Research and Planning has produced educational videos for four different fields of Technical and Vocational training for the Corona outbreak situation.  

The Office of Curriculum Planning and Production of Technical and Vocational Training the Office of Publications and Educational Technology have produced education films for students of different fields; including the machine tools, metallurgy, handicrafts and electrotechnics. The aim is to develop learning packages for students in the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the field of machine tools, educational films is being produced on sheet metal, engraving, electrification, conical drilling and treasury work. This collection contains more than 125 minutes of educational content and covers the main topics of the textbooks. It is taught by experienced instructors along with Full HD filming.

In the field of electrotechnics, films on 'protection systems and smart buildings' are being produced. Module 2 of this book is 'Smart Homes' and the duration of the film is considered longer than the other modules due to the multiplicity and variety of practical work. The interaction of software and hardware can be seen in this module; in other words, the student must do programming and also implement the programming on the hardware and then evaluate it.

In the field of metallurgy, films on "mechanical alloying and moulding’ for the twelfth grade are being recorded. The salient features of these films are being skill-oriented, focusing on workshop activities, considering non-technical competencies and safety as well as health and environmental issues, and evaluating. The duration of this film is 120 minutes which is a part of the educational package for this filed.

In the field of handicrafts, the films on 'installing the device and knitting of woollen cloth and Zilou” are being recorded in Kerman Province. The film is produced based on students’ demand.

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