The educational system is a super-system machine

Dr. Mohammadian said that the officials of the Ministry of Education have accepted the fundamental responsibility for fundamental change and that the Ministry of Education should head it. As education system  is the most important organization  of the community, so the output of the education system should be a good output.

He considered the monitoring of content accreditation system as an important necessity and stated that all the experts and teachers can comment on this system and make public participation; in this regard, even the administrative staff of schools and departments can participate and have their comments.

He noted that in the curriculum, we follow the Iranian and Islamic identity, as the presence of a capable and trained teacher has a great influence on its implementation. In line with the implementation of the curriculum, observance of the charter of Citizenship Law and of students are required.

Mohammadian said that quality education should be at the top of the agenda and that we should have the right planning in the training courses; care and proper implementation of the curriculum is a universal duty; the curriculum goes with the educational approach and the teacher does the job with combination and generalization  approach.

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