Electronic books and software's are prepared to facilitate reading

According to the Public Relations of Ministry of Education, presenting an annual report of activities of Organization for Educational Research and Programming, Hojjat-ol Islam Moheyeddin Bahram Mohammadian claimed: Beside publishing 46 educational and pedagogical magazines with over 35 million copies nationwide, Research Organization has also produced E- books and softwares for the first time, in order to unify and facilitate reading.

Producing of Roshd magazine in Braille for blinds is another innovation in this year, minister's research deputy added.

Head of OERP continued: Since teachers need to get familiarize with new textbooks, more than 2000 hours of orientation classes for senior teachers of provinces have been held and they can pass on their knowledge to the others in their turn.

Mohammadian also announced establishment of "Evaluation Sight" for textbooks and said: Every chapter of new books is posted in this sight as soon as it's ready, so everyone, specially teachers can survey and evaluate them promptly.

He mentioned establishment of "Textbooks Sale Website" for elementary and pre-university grades and called it a great step to reduce time and expenses of students and parents and said: As soon as a student is signed up in school, he automatically is registered in this sight for relevant textbooks, too.

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