Face Shields as Role Play Masks

As if everything started with a magic, just like the movies! Was it b lack magic or the curse of mother nature, which we have forgotten for years. the earth that today, seems to be breathing again.


At first, it was unbelievable that in a few weeks, life around the world would suddenly change. The parents were constantly and anxiously advising their children to wash their hands. The server health protocols disrupted children’s daily routine.


Kindergartens and schools were closed, the family parties and trips were limited, and even simple entertainment such as playing in parks, going to theaters and cinemas were over. The children were left with questions and ambiguities.


Hand washing, cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces, and the use of face masks and shields make children tired and suffocated after a quarter of an hour. Current hard days may last for years; and children are the most vulnerable group we need to pay attention to. Children’s mental and emotional health is as important as their physical one. In addition to following the health protocols, you can make these days exciting and enjoyable with creativity and using artistic tools in order to restore peace and to their world.


Indeed, the famous scene of the Italian film “Life is Beautiful" by Roberto Benini is exemplary for these difficult days. A father creates a creative visualization of his captive camp for his child and even goes to death with a play, and does not forget to create a pleasant atmosphere for his child.


As a creative play instructor and educational planner, I've been thinking for a few months about how to make the situation easier for kids using arts. In my opinion, all educational officials, educators and parents have a great and serious duty in this regard; that we pay enough attention to children and help them accept the current situation. And providing them the chance to play and enjoy.


The original idea for designing theatrical characters with hygienic golden shields began while I was making a face for a play. These days, I have often seen that using health shields makes children tired and anxious after a few minutes, and I was looking to make this situation exciting so they could be able to survive the situation. The magical world of drama, theater and children's characterization can bring us closer to this goal. All you have to do is stick pieces of cardboard or plastic foam on the shields and turn them into children's favorite characters. Therefore, they will enjoy the world of play and the magic of acting and the the difficulty of health care becomes a pleasant activity. Placing colored plastic on ready-made shields, you can create the face of the desired character and then collage it with different tools. It is hoped that by looking at the pictures, you will be able to implement more creative ideas.


These days will pass and mental health is just as important as a child's physical health. Try to create a happy activity for your children with a little creativity and combining artistic tools with health care. Don't forget that the future in the hands of the children, so that we should raise creative, happy and healthy children. May better days come along.



By Faezeh Feyz, creative play instructor and storytelling