Fajr of Islamic Revolution (anniversary of victory of Islamic revolution) is a promise for the Muslim World

According to the Public relations of Organization of Educational Research and Programming, Hojjat- Islam Dr. Mohammadian stated: Fajr of Islamic revolution is a promise for the Muslim World and a new experience of efficiency of religion in ruling the world. A world where human’s dignity and their right for making their own future is preserved.

Victory of Islamic Revolution four decades ago announced a new doctrine for governing community by a political and social culture within religious canon and tradition frames and it has been judged and evaluated by pubic for three decades, added he. This new doctrine started to compete with two established and powerful systems, when almost all the world was divided into two Eastern and western blocks or organized in NATO or Warsaw organizations.

Research deputy of Minister of Education remarked: Of course message of Islamic Revolution which is congeneric to those of divine prophets, put the disappointed world from western capitalism and its liberal democracy under pressure and astonished fans of communism who were suffocating out of  despair from reign of Proletariat.