Families should be informed about the time of National Enterance Exam elimination

The Minister of Education said that our roadmap is to remove the National Entrance Exam and we are ready for what concerns us, and we must inform families about the removal of the National Entrance Exam at the earliest time period.

According to Mehr News Agency, Sayyed Mohammad Bathayi, on the sidelines of a conference, explaining the slogan of the year and the meeting of officials and deputies of the Islamic Student Associations Union, told journalists about the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry of Education and the Organization of the Islamic Student Associations Union. According to the Memorandum of Understanding as there are new expectations in the society, various topics have been added to the previous memorandums and noted that the Union could play an effective role in the field of education and culture for the development of students' skills. This union has a good capacity in schools and can work very well in areas of development and social skills of the students.

In another part of his remarks on the emphasis on the use of the locally made messenger in the education body, he stated: "A few days ago we issued a memo in which we mentioned the general policies of the system on the use of locally made messenger. Fortunately, we have good locally made messengers which will be in education system use in the coming days, prohibiting all administrative units of education in the use of foreign made messengers which has had bad impacts on our youth."

He added: "In this directive, we prohibit all administrative units from using foreign made messengers and our request from parents and students is to move towards using the locally made messengers, through in which we will inform the families about the time that the entrance exam will be eliminated."