Featured films were shortlisted for the 51st competition section of the R.I.F.F

9 Iranian and foreign featured films compete for gold and silver standings at the 51st International Roshd International Film Festival According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, quoting the permanent secretariat of Roshd International Film Festival, the names of Iranian and foreign featured films that entered the competition section of the 51st Roshd Film Festival were announced. 6 featured films from Iran and 3 featured films from India have been selected for the competition section by the members of the selection committee for featured films in this period of the festival. Eshkeneh film directed by Vahid Pakzad, Bambala directed by Seyed Jamal Seyed Hatami, Ticket directed by Morteza Rahimi, Barzangi directed by Hossein Ghasemi Jami, Silver Man directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi, Raha and the Magic Ring directed by Amir Momeni Asl from Iran and Boogi, Directed by Paranab Sermah; Diuracanaso - The Dream of God, directed by Surah Lakour, and Madapali Mutah, directed by Ajay Govind, have entered the competition from India. According to the Permanent Secretariat of the Roshd International Film Festival, 30 featured films from Iran and 107 featured films from other foreign countries have been received during the festival. Good technique and relevant content with the goals of the scientific, educational and training festival of Roshd have been two important criteria that have been considered by the members of the first and second selection committee of the festival to enter the competition section. The 51st Roshd Film Festival will be held in Palestine Movie House from December 11 to 17. End of message

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