A festival with the content of education and training

The forty-eighth international film festival of Roshd is taking place to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in the creation of cinematic and dramatic productions in the field of student education.

Cinema as the seventh art has been instrumental in science and education over the past 100 years, according to the Technology and Innovation Analytical News Agency. An event that students, teachers and activists in the field of education and other interested audiences are involved with.

 The presence of dozens of leading directors from Iran and other parts of the world, critics of cinema, and in recent years, student filmmakers have brought the contents of textbooks with creativity and innovation to arts and cinema. actually the Film Festival of the Roshd makes the atmosphere of the Islamic education system a vibrant one, and enriches the spirit of millions of children and adolescents.

 More than four thousand foreign films were selected to compete in the forty-eighth international film festival, which eventually included 47 animation films, 18 documentaries and 35 fictional films for the International Competition section of the festival. These videos come from 28 countries from 5 continents in the international competition. Out of the 740 Iranian films filmed for the event, 110 films were selected to participate in the International Competition.

The festival is being held by the Ministry of Education's Research and Educational Planning Organization from November 16 to 23 of this year at the Palestine Cinema, Teacher's Hall and other education centers.


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