Green standards to be set for retrofitting schools

Environmental responsibility in school has led to the emergence of a variety of criteria to administer green schools' contributions to sustainability. Green school criteria being initiated worldwide, consists of waste management, waste reduction, biodiversity, energy, water, transport, health, global sustainability, healthy nutrition, citizenship and climate change. Countries considering their own socioeconomic and cultural characteristics must be able to adapt these criteria into their own particular circumstances.

Adopting schools with green standards and criteria is one of the organization’s main policies, Fars quoted Emad Makhdoumi as saying on Tuesday.

“Training courses are being held for the experts and architects to promote their knowledge of green management policy and implement the green standards to the schools nationwide,” he added.

He went on to note that the organization for renovation, development and equipment of schools and Shiraz University have signed a memorandum of understanding to draw up green school criteria, which will include climate chang

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