Imam Khomeini, the martyrs and the Velayat-e faqih, guarantee the unity of our society

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Organization for Research and Educational Planning, Dr. Haidar Tourani, at the first general meeting with the staff and faculty members of the organization, said: "As we remember the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution,I wish the highest praise for the leadership and all the servants of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

He said that three factors are the main axis of maintaining the unity of our society." 1- Imam Khomeini, 2 - Martyrs and 3 - Wali Faqih, and we should never allow this unifying  factions be damaged."

Referring to some differences between officials, Dr. Tourani described it as differences in taste within the family, adding that differences in taste should not challenge the state of the system. With the blessings of Allah we have done a lot of work so far, and we have to do our best to make grater  works towards a positive future."

He mentioned about the development of today's surprising progress of new science and technology, added that 50 years ago, every 200 years the amount of human knowledge were doubling, while today the volume of information is doubled every year. And it islikely that this period might  soon be reduced to 12 hours.

He recalled his childhood memories and said, when a letter used to be sent taking more than ten days to reach its destination, while today, with the help of the Internet and social networks, every item can be transmitted online to any part of the world instantly. Therefore, dynamic and influential organizations are trying to coordinate their organizational structure and processes with scientific and technological changes, otherwise they will be excluded from the circuit of development, so we have to welcome changes with enthusiasm.

In today's world, everything quickly becomes obsolete. Changes are accelerating and growing. The educational system should be pioneering in bringing the ability to bring new thoughts and ideas to the society.

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