Importance of raising a thinking, freedom seeking and involving generation

Minister of Education emphasized in his meeting with cultural formations of Khorasan Razavi: Importance of raising a thinking, freedom seeking and involving generation / Welcoming interaction with all groups and layers of society

We interact with groups and layers of society in educational administration regardless of political and social tendencies


According to the Public Relations of Ministry of Education, Dr. Fakhreddin Danesh Ashtiani said in his meeting with representatives of cultural formations Khorasan Razavi province: We believe that we must open the doors to people, academic staff and experts and to move out the education from school to community.

We welcome interaction with all groups and layers of society regardless of political and social tendencies, for we are all after raising a strong generation.

 Referring to the lack of correct interaction in families, schools and community, Minister of Education said: Practicing democracy in families and avoiding commanding attitude with family members and creating a basis for sincere conversation, encouraging students to think about various subjects and letting them to criticize can help us to raise a generation committed to democracy and respecting others.

Saying that we should train students who can act freely and make decisions based on their free will, he reminded: Focusing only on transferring knowledge from teacher to student and ignoring consoling role of teachers is a serious fault which we are suffering from now a days in our schools. If we truly believe that our next generation should be creative, free and thinking, then we have to have a serious revision in our educational system and take steps to give them independence and right to make decisions.

Criticizing that many educational activities which are formed based on competition, Minister of Education remarked: This begins from elementary school for students and continues to university and the result is a quarrelsome generation, avoiding cooperation, always competing with others and the consequences of this characteristic are developed to social and cultural behavior of the society.

Danesh Ashtiani concluded that passing these  challenges and obstacles is only possible by turning education into the main concern of the country and cultural and social formations are a great asset in this way.

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