The influence and effectiveness of cyberspace

According to the report of the public relations and international affairs of the organization of research and educational planning, on Sunday, August 27, 2017, the correspondent of the international Koran press agency (Ikna) made an interview with Dr. Mohammadiane:


What is your assessment of the impact of changes in textbooks?


The text of the books has changed dramatically and according to my conversations with students, I believe that the ability and talent of students in areas such as dialogue, criticism, comment, courage and risk taking have increased as compared to those of the students of 10 years ago. Rationality has also increased among students and their choices have a solid foundation now. In this regard, it should be noted that the whole role of education is not in textbooks because education can not build or demolish everything, but the media, family and society are also influential, and the rival is at the same time engaged in demolition work. Besides, there are the family and the teacher who also play a complementary role, but in some cases there are also rivals who play a role of destruction. Today, against ethical values, there are immoral values ​​that are coming, and in the face of the strengthening of the national and revolutionary identity there are activities of propaganda, and an American way of life exists against the mode of Iranian and Islamic life.


To what extent have teachers been able to play a complementary role correctly?


Teachers have a pedagogical role and are a role model for students and if they are professionally trained and motivated and have opted for the work of a teacher, they will certainly be effective, but if and when teachers have not had enough impact the reason must be sought in situations. In education, we have also seen that some teachers do not possess the necessary professional qualifications, in which case they must be modernized or replaced by interested and capable people.