The influential elements: the teacher and textbooks

The president of the Educational Research and Planning Organization said that the curriculum is a sub-system of education, but management and governance, staff and teacher, space and education. equipment, research and development, evaluation and funding are the components that combine for a desirable education, otherwise if the manual is compiled and written, but the teacher can not offer it to students the book may not work well, or if the teacher is good, but adequate space and equipment is lacking, they will not have the power to act effectively and play a role.

If space and equipment are ready, but the rules will prevent, we get nowhere. If teachers' fund does not go well, the teacher loses motivation, and you can not see good performance, since a good education is made up of a set of components. Of course the teacher's share and the manual are more intense and influential among others.

Education must not tell stories, but rather manage transformations and make a future horizon, and in textbooks we also seek to achieve this goal, including as an example the design of media education and study needs of the labor market.


Facing academic orientation

Congratulating that the country's plans go in the way of technical and vocational education, the president of the organization of research and educational planning said: there are also problems, including the issue of the academic orientation of last year. The Ministry of Education wanted to guide students on the basis of balanced development to meet the country's needs in the fields of science, mathematics, humanities, arts, professions on the basis of students' interest and opportunities for work in the future but some jealous have baffled this correct process which was based on the development document, and orientation of 30 to 50 percent for students in the technical and vocational field was officially ignored.

The task of education is to ensure that each student has a useful skill in high school, the program of this objective is written and referred to in the fifth program and also reported to the ministry, but they said that they lacked the budget and it was abolished in the Sixth Development Law.

Education must educate the current generation of the country for the future to train people worthy of society and for this, all components have to engage and if not, we get nowhere.