An Innovative Action To Reduce Students' Fear At School

Farhad Karimi, head of the Institute for Educational Studies, referring to a new education plan for launching a toy room in elementary schools, said: "Playing is one of the methods of education. If we look at the way of the great coaches, including Montessori and Piaget, they emphasize on the game and its role in learning. We need to provide a capacity for creative games and free engagement without algebra to students. The initiative to assign toys to the curriculum, especially in the elementary and first to third grades, is a great initiative. Psychological knowledge confirms the availability of playing hours for children. The greatest amount of learning is based on creative and innovative activities that make the game one of these innovative ways. The establishment of the game room is also very good and provides a good operational capacity to bring happiness and reduces fear of children from school, in fact some primary school students are afraid of the school and they are hardly separated from their parents. This program helps transforming the schools into a vibrant environment, so students can learn more.

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